How to Write my Book

What do I have to do to write my book?

How To Stop Time's author gives his advice on how to get started with your masterpiece. I will make the best case for my kind of organization, but you are the last judge on what works best for you. Enjoy and...

. write your novel! If you are a writer and have a finished manuscript, or are just starting to investigate how someone else could write your book for you. Type the book definition, a handwritten or printed work of fiction or non-fiction, usually on paper sheets that are bound or bound in envelopes.

So how did I spell my story?

It was Bridget who asked me to divide my "expertise" in my first novel, and at first I felt confused because I certainly don't think I'm an exper. I' ve wanted to make a script for years. and I quit it a few month before I turned 46.

I' ve begun to write a few books. I got a few pages in, decided the thought was silly and stopped typing. I' ve already been a freelance reporter, worked for some regional papers and worked for a publishing house. I knew a little notebook was hidden inside me.

I' ve been teaching some literary classes and then I was asked to give lessons in Iowriting. For two years I have been teaching and working as an author of shorts, poems, screenplays and non-fiction. I knew in the back of my head that I should already be doing my own script, but again I let my commitments fill my while.

I searched the web one of these days for words like "How to make a book" and "The first book". So I began using the site and worked through the on-line workshop on the main concept and the storytester. But I was disappointed with all the things that happen when you get close to your midlife and you're not where you expect it to be, either for work or money.

Because I wanted to make a script, it didn't mean it was good. I' ve been reading all the time and I' ve had some authors out there with whom I'd never be competing. I risk being said I can't type; go back to my work. Then I got one of the e-mails Bridget sent me with all kinds of useful information to use.

For when she was offering the tutor three website members by posting her first novel, I thought to myself, why not? So, I sent her an e-mail, gave her my sobbing tale and said that I was worried that my script would never be published if I didn't have someone to nag and push me.

Bridget chose me. And I was so upset, I said it to everyone. Bridget sent an email and we made a Skype appointment. and I was bored. It was interrupted a few occasions, but we were talking about my books, about what I wanted to do and about an experiment I had had that I wanted to do a part of my history.

I was asked if I wanted to go on with the on-line workshop or if I wanted to begin to write. Sure, I had been teaching to write creatively, but I had never really taken a course in typing. It was Bridget who told me that she nagged me on a regular basis and gave me two weeks to do two more work-shops.

Working my way through the workshop, I felt like I was willing to contribute. It was Bridget who made me want to put down 10,000 words. On some of the day I wrote for 15 min and checked the times every three min because I couldn't concentrate. The other day I wrote for an entire class and came on with 1,000 words in it.

Fighting my way through 50,000 words, I wrote for several consecutive lessons almost daily. And then the headmaster began and I was overpowered. I' m teaching on-line, so after eight or nine computer lessons, five nights a week, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to the computer and work.

So I apologized to Bridget, who was very tolerant. I had been told that it took me a few month to get a diagnosis and more month before I had finished the therapy and had taken the right mixture of drugs. Thought Bridget had given up on me. I' ve written through the summers, had a recurrence and went back to college to find that I taught writing creatively and a literary course.

It was put aside while I was familiarizing myself with American literature. I' ve been thinking about my work. I didn't do it. Then I began to type again and my number of words increased from 50,000 to 60,000 and eventually to 80,000. Others I made it an hours. Sometimes it took weeks or even weeks, and I didn't even begin to work.

Bridget remained in contact throughout the entire trial. It didn't press me or make me responsible when I said I wasn't gonna write. until the end of it. I started my academic year in mid-August, but the official end of the winter period was in the third weeks of September.

As the end came, my handwriting increased. And I rebuilt my stamina and wrote for at least an hours most of the day. My friend and my extendedily asked me when I would end the work. I' ve been telling you that it will be done when I know I' ve completed the whole thing.

September 21, 2014, almost two years since I sent this e-mail to Bridget in the hope that she would advise me and help me eventually to finish my novel with almost 97,000 words. So I e-mailed Bridget and she answered with so much proud and eagerness that I got an A on my transcript.

BRIDGETT and BRENDAN (who got in when Bridget was unavailable) are just about the whole point of me being done. I was always proud to be someone who did things, kept my promise and ended what I began. Two years ago I began this trial and Bridget and Brendan took the opportunity to help me.

Bridget reads it too, of course. So if you're still playing with this concept, fighting to get seated, just writing something and wonder if it's even profitable to try because how many folks are writing a script and never getting out? You be very kind to Bridget and maybe she'll look after you, too.

It was Bridget who asked me to do this as a diary about my experiences, but this is really a big thank-you note. Thanks, Bridget and Brendan, for having helped me to fulfil a long awaited one.

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