How to Write my Autobiography Sample

Where can I write my autobiography example?

Would you like your autobiography to be concise and concise? Submit sample chapters to agents who are interested. The paper is an example of how autobiography essays should be written. Christopher Colomnus was unable to write a formal autobiography. For now http: writing the question of my life by a student.

The autobiography essay example for free

There are seven of us in the whole group. I have a lucky and caring home. When I was at college, I spent my free hours in the libary with my mates. In my spare me I also enjoy spending my free times with my mates. I dreamed of becoming a nursing student.

After attending a school for my back at Pines City Educational Center, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1992. At the end of my degree I completed my self-study and passed the examination for the civil service profession, where I passed the examination.

In 1993 we went to Manila with my collegiate buddies to do our reviews and took our senior staff examination in Health. As I waited for the results of the test, I worked as a voluntary health worker at Antamok Mines. In 1994, after passing the nurses' examination, I worked as a personal health worker for Miss Cheen Tan, where I took good charge of her 82-year-old Parkinson's patient dad.

I' ve helped him with his day-to-day work, bathed and fed him, and I also make sure he takes all his medicines on it. I am a psychiatric caregiver and my pay as a personal assistant is not enough to provide financial assistance to my wife and daughter, so I have chosen to become a janitor in Taiwan.

This was the first apostate. It was difficult for me to get used to a new setting with a different cultural and local idiom. Six and a half years later I can talk to the members of my employer's household in Mandarin, their mother tongue, and also carry out my day-to-day work, especially preparing their meals in China.

I' ve been working as a maid and janitor. I have seven members of my father's immediate families. I was asked by my employers to renew my employment but unfortunately it is only three years unless I change my name. My employers did not treat me as a household help but as one of their families.

In January 2001 I joined Sheikh Marwan Maktoum Bin Al Maktoum in Dubai as a personal assistant. And I worked in a regal household where I took charge of her firstborn. In February 2005 I was recruited as a coach at the Philippine Caretaker Training Center.

This is a centre for women who want to work as maids in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. As of January 1, 2007, I was working as a coach at Cebu Asia in Dian, Makati City. This was a centre of education for women who want to work as servants for Hong Kong.

From September 16, 2007 to October 25, 2011 I worked as a nursing assistant at the Dar Elhekma Clinic in Salihia Street, Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I' ve spent my whole lifetime working for my own families, especially my own families, because they are ill and have to take drugs to support them.

When I came home from Saudi Arabia, my home was restored with my life insurance money. On August 13, 2012 I was reinstated as a coach at the Philippine Caretaker Training and Assessment Center Inc. I have a scheme to spare for my own futures because I don't have a home and I'm singles.

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