How to Write like an Author

Like an author writes

Reading and writing Often one of the best ways to improve your writing is to read. Like a professional writer Early this month, my sire asked me for my thoughts on a history he made. It' about a paternal character who turned out to be a fraud. The memoir is often dull, but this tale was astonishing, more strange than cliché. One could also say that the history was made by an atheist.

But to tell a tale to a few folks at a fiesta and compose it in a proffesional way are two very different things. What is the discrepancy between profi and ham letters? So how can you make a history as well as any auteur? There are of course a thousand small classes to study before you can really start working like a real expert.

This is the error most of our hobby authors make: They' re not getting near enough to their history. You' ve got to get near enough so that your reader can listen to what you've been hearing, see what you've seen, and feel the emotion you've felt. It can also be called a show instead of narrating or being more precise, but it all depends on how near you are to your history.

Approach can be hard, especially when you write about your own being. But that' s what distinguishes professional typing from non-professional typing, that detachment. So how near can you get? As my father's history was interesting but poorly told, there are many well told and totally dull tales.

I' m not saying you'll be a best seller if you learned how to read nearby. You' still have to do the tough work of studying to tell a tale that will captivate your readers. How does written professionally differ from written amateurs? So tell a tale about a daddy of yours.

You should get as closely as possible to the history. It'?s for fifteen mins. When posting, please add comments on some of the other authors' work. Merry typing!

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