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As you write in books

There is nothing like a well-written description to sell a book. Here is how to write a book description that will make readers buy your book. Making businessmen shouldn't be writing accounts You' re an businessman, you should make a notebook. This small playing field has not only absorbed tens of thousands not only of lessons of the otherwise prolific businessmen, it has also swamped the whole wide globe with shitty textbooks. When you are an businessman, you should not be writing a work.

You shouldn't be paying anyone to send one for you either.

Listening to the businesses that sell these products, your textbook is "THE unjust professional benefit", as it is announced on its website. They provide "a nice product for a small charge, competing with the excellence of any books on the front tables of large bookshops with less than 24h of your time".

A ministry specialises in assisting adventurous ministers to transform their preaching into a"...without leaving the pulpit". You can be a novelist without having to write that you can be an authority in name and rank without feeling pain or sacrifice. Rather than earning a fame through their real achievements, they see a notebook as an abbreviation to get there.

Since millennia it has been an invaluable source of knowledge and expert knowledge - that is why it is so much appreciated by the general population. The readers who have written it are important, effective or sly. The book "lends authoritativeness. The fact that this devaluates the book, makes it too little more than visiting card or the equivalent of photographs with celebs.

It is interesting for me how many businessmen are willing to do this, because I pledge you that none of them have come into the shop with someone because that someone has a picture of Bono on the mural. But the same individuals who are always looking for "wantrapreneurs" in their sector do not see the conflict in being one in this area.

I' m not saying that there is no use in just making a script and that you can't have any help. I' ve written six volumes (many of them were really sustainable best selling products - known in the trade as "multi-year sellers") and they have had a huge influence on my professional life and my work. I also have an unparalleled record of success in the development, co-writing and commercialization of large scale textbooks that have made great progress and are selling well.

Nevertheless, I say to the overwhelming bulk of the businessmen and thought-makers I see that they should not be writing a script - although I could very well benefit from encouragement - because I know how difficult it is to do it right. When the businessman is already looking for abbreviations, he will definitely not find the reward he is looking for in the accounts.

There' is the sentence of J.P. Morgan:'A man always has two motives to do something: a good one and the true one. "You think it'?s not a good thing to write a work. To write a textbook because it looks good on your online profile is not either.

"It' going to kick off my career", "I want to make an impression on people", "My competition has made it", "I've been told that you can make a living this way" or "It looks funny". "Lots of folks want to be pros. There is also only one good enough excuse to make a great book: Cyril Connolly, a great literature reviewer, remarked: "The more textbooks we are reading, the more it becomes clear that the real role of a author is to create a work of art, and that no other role is important.

" Can' you call to make a great work? You think you can afford someone to set up a deal for you? They would never go to another venture, as most businessmen were urged to look at them. Carrying a full-featured volume out into the wider public, but "not to concentrate on selling books".

" Get into the fitness center, but don't concentrate on getting in form. Be wise when investing, but do not concentrate on the return. Set up a business, but don't concentrate on the client. A businessman should not be writing a book because I am respecting him, and I do. And I despise a worid full of thousand of smug, posing textbooks that are nothing more than advertisements and an ineffectual means to an illusion.

When you can buy a boxed copy of a textbook, anyone can). They should put their funds into their businesses to help their clients, not to strengthen their own egos. Would they ask themselves whether they are making a work of art or whether they are just doing something to "create a fair full of forgotten works of art made by rental companies"?

Oh, I loved my readings. I' m thankful for what they have done for me as readers, writers and businessmen. And I know how many businessmen have come there by literacy, I know they loved literature and all the knowledge in them. If you can't or don't want to, you won't have to bother yourself, your company and the whole wide globe.

Don't make a notebook. The latest Ryan Holiday novel, "Perennial Seller: It is a mediation on the essentials needed to make classical literature, business and the arts that more than just vanish. He has had his texts in 28 different tongues and half a million units distributed around the world, while his talented company has worked with firms such as Google, Taser and Amazon.

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