How to Write first novel

The first novel

There are nine stupid things you should not do when you write your first novel So why not save your sorry financial troubles by creating a bestseller? Every second respondent who leaves the bookshop should either have either authored a novel, wrote a novel or want to do so in the near term. In a novel, it's about taking care of what happens.

In fairness, even some respected authors support this structured view, but it does kill more than it heals. A new belletrist who describes this fascinating realm in detail and invents all kinds of places and incidents. However, think of your own environment - it's not about details, it's about connections.

Creating a universe requires a certain number of connections. When everyone's the same age, you have a sub-culture, not a whole universe. Foolishness not to be sincereA novel is about what the protagonists feel sincerely. Can' t tell about the state of the country and the climate when your protagonist hangs up on you.

You' re talking about a cop who loves to play the game. Type about what you know - gulf - and jump over the others. A good tip is to get all the police (if that's your weakness ) to hating their work - so you don't have to type about anything at all.

We see and perceive things differently according to what is at risk for the storyteller or with which eye. However, the actual action is in the first movement. It' s the feeling of suspense or anticipation in this movement, not the history or events sequences or the causeal sequences or the characters motif.

It' s about the least well-informed part of the letter - but it's easy to do it. There' s something to be written here from the beginning. The plot is just that: something you can tell about. In this way you can sense your own voice in the first movement - are you drawn by this'something' or is an ideas pushed to its side in your mind?

If you want to, the situations you have put the character in - the whole life - must put enough weight on them to give you something to do. It' enticing to try to get a deal before you do the heavy work, but it is typing equivalence to a 110 percent mortgage. A 110 percent hypothec.

You need to make a crisp suggestion as well as the first chapter and it will take as long as the script to do so. You' re going to have to do the script anyway, you' re going to have to resolve the issues at some point - so why not now? A lot of authors think the same way about operatives.

Number one is an operative.

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