How to Write Fiction

Fiction writing

As a fiction writer, this practical guide will teach you how to get your own writer toolbox. You have several ways to increase writing performance. In this week's The Portfolio Life, Stacy Claflin and I talk about her writing process and the journey to full-time authoring. If you write fiction, you want your reader to travel to your written world and see the characters and the environment as you do. Would you like to be a better copywriter?

You think you're going to write fiction.....

Produce a million tall story. You write a hundred lousy histories. Create brief shorts and long, endless narratives that you will never stop and finally give up as mischief. Type different styles, points of view, attitudes, voices and attitudes, voices 4-?anything to blend it in the initial phase. Once you have finished the designs, relax them, reread them, revise them, and if you can reread them without distorting them, hand them in somewhere.

Or if you still do, take it out and fire it, and when I say fire it, I mean, put it in an archive and almost never, ever go in there. Don't badmouth this fiction. Hear your favourite story while you work, ride or walk, etc.

It' okay if you don't pay in full ?the words will invade your unconscious mind. Don't write and process at the same tim. You' re going to despise yourself, your scripture and your chosen gods. First ( (literally no typing down ?take - take if you need to), work on later, and best after a break.

Let the letter stop before you check and work on is ?you - you'll have fresher views and a brighter outlook. Set up a system for notations. You write down and suddenly you can't recall the name of a side actor, or you notice that there is a problem of continuation, or hell, maybe you just want to describe something and you can't think of the right one.

However, these are not things to ignore or forget. As soon as you find write flow, try your damndest to remain in this river as long as possible. Use @@double@ characters for your fiction notes, because when in fiction will you ever have them?

You write at the same hour every single second. Challenging your timetable by awakening early or hurrying other to-do's to take your sweetheart' sweetheart to write, your system will revolt and try to persuade you to stop. It' ll alter your handwriting. Build a homebase for write. When you can, make your own desk.

Make a play list for your current work, find an atmosphere artiste (like Pretty Lights), or go classic with Mozart, but don't sing with celebrity music. Write on the go using Google Docs. You can make errors. Treat your classmates well, no matter what part of the trip they're on.

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