How to Write Fantasy Fiction

Writing Fantasy Fiction

The guide gives tips on how to write a fantasy novel with insights from published authors. You will learn to write fantasy fiction from bestselling authors. You want to write a fantasy novel, but you want to make it credible, original and unmistakable? Writing fantasy can be difficult because you start in your own world. Bring your game of Thrones Fix with these similar works of fiction!

Fantasy Fiction: Top-Tipps

Phantasy fiction is a tough area - and many fantasy beginners can ignore the fundamentals. Fantasy is not an easiest way to make a living, but if you have the fantasy to see miracles and the ability to describe them, if you have things to say that can only be said with a dragon, then fantasy can be your game.

Reading a myth or legend from many different civilizations is the best way to prepare for this. Most fantasy classics are longer than the usual novel, but you don't have to write a multi-volume poem to enter the fantasy world. Don't be obliged to use the default line-up of soldiers, sorcerers, dragons, fairies, etc.

Write about fairies only if you are passionate about them, if you have something new to say about them. To create new realms is one of the most beautiful fictional challenge. The reader (and this also applies to Frahlingen!) should have the feeling that they know everything about their fictional universe and their story.

They say genres are fast-paced, so don't get started with pages of scenery and explanations. Immerse yourself in history as quickly as possible and tell your reader only what they need to know when they need to know. There' ll always be a storyline fair for classical quests and fights between good and bad, but if you don't really worry about how and why the'good' are winning, your reader won't either.

When your protagonist is an outcast, your reader will find it easy to relate to him or her. After all, keep in mind that what works in a fantasy movie or cartoon doesn't necessarily work in a novel. Swordfight blow-by-blow reports can be dull and mammoth.

Reveal what a single fighter thinks and feels as he struggles, and take your reader into the fantasy game.

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