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The ultimate author's guide to How To Write Everything. The ultimate author's guide to How To Write Everything. We' and we need different books: Her book won't be a copy of the rest. You think you have nothing interesting to say?

Writing everything - David Quantick

for which he won the 2015 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. He has authored for The Thick Of It, The Day Today, Brass Eye, TV Burp and many other shows. He is the author of The Blagger's Guide for the German TV station R 4's One and R 2's.

Neil Gaiman described his novel ?parks as "excellent" and his graphics serial Louis Wain (created with Savage Pencil) was released in Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic. In addition to a range of musical scores and the Eddie Izzard book, David has authored the Sunday Times bestseller Grumpy Old Men and over 50 periodicals and papers, from The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph to NME and Q. With Jane Bussmann, he produced the world's first online satcom, The Junkies, and he is the author of several shorts, among them the much-noted Lot 13.

This is his first novel about how to do it.

This is David Quantick about how to spell everything.

For 25 years David Quantick has been the author of everything. We have poetry, fiction, screenplays, testimonies, top TV comedy, such as Veep, The Thick of It and The Day Today and of course a slogan for underwear. This all means that he is well placed to have authored a best-selling How to Watch Everything- a fun game through David's literary career and a full of advice for the upcoming author.

So how does he spell everything himself? F: In your text you speak about the importance of deadline, but many of the texts you have written must also have set their own deadline. Sometimes you say to yourself: "I will do it until it is finished" or "I will do it in my free time".

Q. They said that you have three and a half unreleased books that you want to end sometime - how do you go about doing unsalaried paperwork with the remunerated way? Q. How can you counterbalance a number of write jobs you work on during the course of a workday? Have you got a work management system, do you have certain hours of the working days reserved for different kinds of work?

They are different mixtures. It' like a dinner. You sometimes transliterate the long story first and you' ll make the brief comedies later. Can' t book other hours because my live is not frequent - it includes moves, dates, meetings, child care, drinks, fights and suddenly. Q. You have worked alone, with your desk mates and in typing rooms.

What do you like and which spellings are suitable for everyone? I write alone or with someone who exchanges e-mails. Just think, you're always waitin' for those guys to end their appetizer. However, it' s great to write on Veep, where we exchange skripts and re-write each other's parts all the time. It' like in a shell plant where there's no conveyer and you have to capture the shells when they come towards you.

In the typing room, it's about who can scream most noisily. Q. Now you've done everything and wrote a script about how to compose everything, what would you do about how you are approaching your work? I' d be more in fiction so I could publish one now.

I' m planning a continuation of How To Use Everything, How To Be A Writer* next year. It' about being a novelist, not becoming a novelist. How to become a novelist is now in the pocketbook. See David's How to be a winner.

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