How to Write Epic Fantasy

Writing epic fantasy

When you' re interested in writing an epic fantasy story, first focus on the aspects of storytelling and then develop your story into a piece of fantasy fiction. Most fantasy classics are longer than the average novel, but you don't have to write a multi-volume epic to enter the fantasy market. One page to describe SoYouWantTo: Useful for epic adventures where the landscape can change. So, how can you get the ultimate prize?

Teachings from Dorothy Dunnetts The Game of Magi

Dunnett is one of those writers you read about through verbal propaganda. It has not written a fantasy - unless you perceive the faith in 16th - centurys amazing number of SF/F writers have been affected by their work.

In fact, epic fantasy authors have learned many of Lady Dunnett's lesson. There are only five, all of which are illustrates with samples from the first Lymond Chronicles, The Game of Kin. Nowadays most epic fantasy stories are restricted to several thirds, which change from person to person to show things in different places or from different perspectives.

Ohmniscient perception may be out of kind these days, darling, but having read through the Lymond Chronicles, I keep on bearing in mind how useful it is to be hit especially to the alleged literate of an epic. I' m talking about the kind that has the full radius of motion, sometimes near to give you the thoughts of a certain person for a longer interval, sometimes it shifts to give you several different views of the sequence, and sometimes it withdraws all the way to give you a divine vision of the series.

Dunnett can demonstrate the benefits this provides to an epic fantasy author at any point when she needs to talk about the bigger plank on which her plays move. However, the all-knowing nature of the concept allows you to manage the information flows as needed, whether it's the details of a character's emotive response or the strategical design of an area as an army moves into orbit.

She did not, for example, have to create the ambivalent loyalty of the Douglas range and play both sides of the match at the same time, but only passed on the results to the readers. It is Dunnett who keeps an eye on these things and makes sure that they blend into each other at interesting points. I' m here to tell you: The Play of Kings contains the best battle I've ever seen in a novel.

However, no matter what kind of struggle you try to describe, you can study from Dunnett. I' ll be the first to confess that Lymond is a confirmed Gary Stu. He' s also a marvelous personality, and I want to find out why. Do you recall how I said that their all-knowing perspectives shift from place to place and their distances continually adjust?

Now, in The Game of Konings she does a noteworthy stunt: the one prospect she doesn't give you is that of Lymond. To see it from the perspectives of other personalities gives you more space and space to investigate their different responses. Lymee is faulty. I don't mean the kind of mistakes that usually occur when an author is told: "You have to give your character some mistakes.

He has a disgusting temperament, and a trend to divert attention from his true purpose by being a total arsehole. Thirdly, the actual highlight, because it takes a great deal of work from the author: despite his brilliant and innumerable talent, Lymond is still failing.

Dunnett repeatedly develops scenes that are too much even for her astonishing heroine. If Lymond says, "I have formed my destiny twenty fold and shattered it twenty fold in my hands," then you believe him because you have seen it break before. For example, the later Lymond Chronicles contains an Irishwoman revolutionist and a devilishly wise Concubine.

Which part does it play in the game of royalty? However, this means that she is in charge of taking good charge of a injured visitor..... and she is able to get more out of Lymond than most of the boys who try. Agnes Herries, the thirteen-year-old Scotish heritage woman who is reading like a hard-boiled Sansa Stark version: her enjoyment of romance is a conscious contradiction of her consciousness that her value lies in her heritage.

Sybilla, Lymond's dam, who gives you a very clear feeling of where Lymond gets his sparkle from and uses her own with great effect. Your attitude at this stage is not entirely fashionable, but perhaps more than the 18th cent. But the measures they take are not inappropriate for the age.

Dunnet ts first novel released. I' m not saying it's simple to get in; it has a propensity to give the readership things that can be deduced from the hints around it (which has led many first-time users of The Game of King's "BUT WHY IS THE PIG DRUNK"?

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