How to Write better Stories

Writing better stories

He is one of the most famous writers of our time, and for good reason. He' know how to write a good story. They will write the better story because they really experienced and tried the texture of the moon cakes, the way the tea slips down her throat. Published by Panos London, this guide examines how journalists can make better use of current research to write credible and meaningful stories. However, the stories I write today are different from the stories I wrote when I started out as a communication practitioner.

Writing better tales with personal experiences

I' m having classes this year with three of my best New York University undergraduates, who all write father-daughter tales. Whilst the different styles are different - one is a real politics drama, the other a street film and the third an urbane drama, the effect of each author's own experiences cannot be overlooked.

This is an enhanced reward grade with my protected authoring system. Whereas all good writings are the result of transcription, the use of individual experiences cannot be prevented, so that part of the work of revising is to establish a equilibrium between the "imaginary" and the "real". It' not possible not to do it from your own experiences, because that' s all we have.

If the pupils are asked to "write what they know", I chuckle in private, because what else do they have to work with? If you are researching a subject such as criminality or historical research, even if you are researching something about which you have no previous experiences, the interpretations of the information must be filtered through your own perception, which is influenced by your own actual world.

Accepting that impartiality and fantasy are characterized by individual experiences is a way to write better and quicker, because if you are willing to hug the detail of your own existence instead of avoiding it. The point is that by watching the rhythm of our own live we can be in a better position to write scripts and scripts that are" real" to our audience.

Choose a shortcut in your actual scripts. Are you rereading your scene and wondering if you can enhance it by bringing it nearer to what would "really" be happening - or if it's dull because it's too near, if you need to include some tragedy? In order to summarize your own experiences in typing is inevitable, so hug and enhance your typing by using this expertise to enhance your story.

To your succesful letter! A prizewinning teacher, writer, production artist and Manhattan-based writers' advisor, Marilyn Horowitz works with acclaimed writers, screenplay writers and award-winning directors. Also a Fulbright Scholarship Scholar for student films and publications. She was awarded the prestigious New York University Prize for Teaching Excellence in 2004.

Horowitz has developed a new, more efficient spelling system. Writes six novels that help the novelist acquire her trademark-protected type system, which includes expenses for schooling. University of California, Long Beach and New York University.

Horowitz has authored several full-length scripts.

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