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Spelling better

Whichever medium you prefer, here are a few tips to help you write more effectively: Looking for a way to improve your writing? Who" tells the story"? Has the story been written by the first person (I)? When I was younger, I remember how much I hated writing.

Difficult 11 ways to write better

We' re all authors now. You are a novelist, whether you write a book, blog post, email, tweet or text message. Whatever your media preference, here are a few hints to help you write more effectively: Become more aware of your most frequent way of nonchalant typing and you will become more conscious in other media.

Extend your lexicon to clarify your typing. Useful words will stay and your lexicon will grow over the years. In order to give your typing variation, speed and cadenza, you should use different characters: dots, comma, em hyphens, colon, semicolon. Blueblogs, textbooks and postings are covered with useless intros, solipsist digression and avoidsay.

If you are in question, please erase your first two subparagraphs and check whether the spelling has improved. Don't be wasting the reader's valuable read. We are wasting our valuable ressources. It' s self-centred to compel a readership to read for fifteen moments something that could and should have been communicable in 90 seconds.

Don't lose her patience if you want to win the confidence of your readers. Every lesson you spent typing, you spent three lessons transforming your work into something more incisive, stronger, more enjoyable. To write is really to rewrite. Each phrase must fulfill a purpose: your first phrase must make the readers want to write the second.

When a movement does not move the story forward - when it does not make typing more pressing - then it must meet the bottom of the editing room, no matter how smart or valuable it may be. One sure indication of the letter of amateurism is the overstraining of advisbien, especially of adverbien. To help my writers understanding the rules of good literacy, I suggest two books:

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