How to Write and Sell a Book

Writing and selling a book

Preview copies to bloggers who have a large audience. I' ve always used this plan to write and publish my books on Amazon Kindle. And I think this plan can help you, too. "A wonderful and comprehensive book is the reality check that aspiring authors need to get a leg up and stand out. If you are interested in non-fiction, sell the book to a publisher and then write it.

As you can publish, post and resell your own as

Since about one year my album How to World, Publish, & Send Your Own How-To Books Third edition is out of stock. After I did my novel and my first ever notebook on intellectual disharmonest dispute tactics, I was going to do a new issue. I' m done with the novel, but I have problems getting to the notebook, so I chose to release a combbound copy of the novel as one writes, publishes.....

This means we make them individually on my digital photocopier and tie them with one of these business equipment that cuts 19 small square openings and you put a small round neck-back. The pretty new webshop I have had for about a year simply lets me click on a little square marked "Sell this products when out of stock" to get the hint "out-of-stock" and the denial of sale off my chest.

I have just altered the term "paperback" in the descriptions of the text to "combbound". Combbound textbooks are more expensive to produce and more useful to the reader (they lie down and can be flipped back for reading with one handed or as a clipboard), but many clients are angry with me and blame me for being inferior.

Describe, release and sale a work in one go.

I' ve always dreamt of making a good start, and I knew you could make and post your own-everywhere. It is a step-by-step approach that includes a comprehensive set of actions for preparing, editing, formatting and marketing a self-released work... and much more.

Whilst there is a sound roadmap on how to create, release and distribute everything in one go, there is also an roadmap for those who want to divide things into smaller parts.

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