How to Write and Publish your own Book

To write and publish your own book

Describe and publish? Hopefully I will see you again at the next workshop: Currently he writes, The Art Of Book Marketing. For most of these people it seems insurmountable to write and publish a book. Writing an eBook.

Writing & publishing your own book - Erika Gilchrist

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Self-editing - how to create and distribute your own books

It is the dreams of many people to compose a work. Yet it has never been easier to find a reader for your text. A Hugh Howey survey shows that almost every third best-selling electronic seller is released by Amazon itself. Isn' that what you do when you can't find a publishers? I always wanted to make a good one before I turned 40.

In January, when I was short of money - my fortieth anniversary is in April - I made the decision to turn my top 50 parent blogs into a work. It would have hardly had enough to find an interested editor, so I didn't care. It is the first stage that is the most difficult: What to type?

When you have done that, it is a good idea to choose the right one. And, besides, Word as a write enviroment is unbelievably insexy. Alternatively, you can write custom authoring tools. The Scrivener is a full-featured Mac and Windows desktop publishing suite. From Scrivener I changed to Odysseus myself.

It' easier, less complicated and just more appealing than Scrivener, yet it has all the features you need - I'm a big fans of full-screen photography. It is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad, and I am writing everything with it (including this article). Hewson has authored an notebook that shows how to compose a notebook with usysses.

You know Quentin Tarantino wrote by handwriting? Indeed, here are 10 renowned authors who do not use advanced technologies. Ultimately, it's not about technique, but about text. Please do your books and your readership a favour and put in a good editorship - or at least have your manuscriptsproofed.

Reader don't excuse mistakes so easy. Your textbook is designed according to whether you want to create an electronic or printed version; novel or non-fiction. Use the Scrivener and utilyses to simply save your text as a fully formated or printoutable PDF. The following utilities may also be useful, according to how and where you want to release your book:

I tried Ulysses' exporter for my first try (I didn't like the template), then played around with an Amazon Word pattern (and quit after two hour's copying and pasting), Vellum download (great, but unfortunately only for ebooks), and eventually decided on Pressbooks, an on-line WordPress powered model.

When you have used WordPress for blogging, you will find it simple to navigate: simply add chapter instead of posts and a booksign instead of a topic. The Pressbooks can be exported in EPUB, MOBI and PDF-format. After all, a good artwork is even more important than a well-formatted product - after all, that's what turnover depends on.

It' s the same thing as wine: after working on the text for a few long hours, it' s a good idea to take a little more of your own to make sure the artwork is as good as it can be. creator Anthony Puttee summarizes what you should look out for when creating a book jacket in his article 14 Tips for Good Kindle

If you have doubts about your graphics design abilities, you can always use a ready-made artwork instead. - but I can tell you right now that Amazon is the simplest to use. When you want to post directly on KDP (we'll be there in a minute) - and most folks do - you can use the easy Kindle Generator.

All you have to do now is release your work. Let's begin with the sad news: A self-published volume probably won't make it to the shops. To see printed books in a bookshop, you must contact a publishers. You have three ways to have your books posted in on-line bookstores:

Not only does the merchant own 70% of the Amazon books available on the web, but it also allows the author to produce an e-book with his Kindle Direct Publishing Services within 24hrs. You have to choose whether you want to have your books listed in all Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo, etc. or just at Amazon.

The KPD Select program provides extra ways to advertise your books through freebies if you choose to trade only with Amazon. Learn the pros and cons of an exclusiv partnership with Amazon via KDP Select. When you don't want to link up with Amazon, it's a good idea to spend some free extra free play with the most important distributor lists.

I' ve worked with Amazon KDP and CreateSpace to release my poppycock. Amazon's utilities are self-explanatory, but if you need help on the go, you can find tens of thousands of tutorials on-line. Placing your product on Amazon isn't relative quantity to ensure that anyone actually acquisition it: for that you condition to class it.

It' on your blogs and your website. When you need inspirations, google "book marketing" for thousand of inspirations..... or at least 89 of them. For more information, I suggest APE - author, publisher, entrepreneur by former Apple marketer Guy Kawasaki.

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