How to Write and Publish your own Book

To write and publish your own book

Have you always had a dream to publish your book? You don't know how to start? We will be happy to help you. The Seven Phases of Writing a Novel. You can forget rejection letters or "vanity" operations - in today's golden age of e-readers, you can simply do e-publishing and be damned.

Did you always want to have your own book written and released?

Did you always want to have your own book written and released? Now is the right moment to stop wanting it and to do it! Since you' re on this page, I guess you'd like to write your own bestseller book, but just don't know where to begin, or how to publish it, right?

Ultimately, typing a book and locating a publishers is tough work, and even if you do, your publishers will undoubtedly make the most profit, won't they? As you can see, not only will I show you the easy, step-by-step procedure of creating a bestseller, I will also unveil the tried-and-tested plan for the book itself, so that you won't even have to deal with a conventional publishers if you don't want to.

That means you can publish your own book and keep 100% of the prizes! Think of how it feels to not only write your own book, but also to see this book in the press..... - It is all about giving yourself the best possible opportunity to write a bestseller, earn a living and get prominent social and personal standing!

  • Selling the Book on Amazon and even Waterstones! Who' s Richard McMunn? He wanted to take on a new challange in 2005 and therefore founded his own book and publisher company. He was so acclaimed that he was a finaleist at the HSBC Start-Up Stars Awards and the National Online Recruitment Awards.

Briefly, Richard KNOWS THE EXACT MARINE STEP-BY-STEP BLEEPRINT for creating a winning book that everyone wants to buy..... Knows how to publish winning titles both on and off-line through big booksellers like Amazon and Waterstones, and also knows how to turn those titles into high-profit projects, among them how to put them at the top of Amazon's bestseller categories!

It has also released NUMBER 1 bestsellers on a number of occasion. Above is just a recent example of Richard's book, which is number 1 at Amazon. With the launch of the Amazon Kindle and the many self-editing utilities and ressources now at your disposal, there has never been a better moment to write and publish your own book.

Now is the best moment to write and publish your own book!

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