How to Write an interesting novel

Writing an interesting novel

I never read "The Fault in Our Stars", but it's still an interesting opening. In the truest sense of the word, it can be anything, as long as it is interesting and inspiring for you. It' s hard to write a solid "step by step" guide to writing a novel, but that's more or less my process. The first novel is the hardest to write? You sure you don't want your story to be a novel?

When I Were The Great Aamerican Novel.

I' d be known if I' m the author of the great old US novel. I' d be 10 to 20 years older if I wrote the great US novel. I would not consider the Wikipedia page for the Great-American Novel as if it had some kind of big and horrible mystery that would tell me exactly what to put and how to do it.

I wouldn't compose a novel about the great American novel. I would never be registered in an MBA for Arts and Crafts if I wrote the Great American Novel. Instead I would quit the academy and go to interesting places, do interesting things, see interesting realities, and then type about it in a narrow, sunny libary, not the other way around.

Had I written the great US novel, I would have abandoned everything and with nothing but $100 in my pockets I would have been looking for a thing called America. I would somehow find a way to make my experience as a Viet Namese person usable and usable with every US person who ever lived, will live and work.

I wouldn't be Asian-American if I wrote the great old-book. I would never call myself the part of my own generations if I were to write the Great American novel (although I would still be feeling this way inside myself). I would not have the boldness to believe that a novel could somehow contain the width and extent of every individual US citizen's individuality.

I would know that "The Great A. Novel" is an indiscriminate, bland, propagandist song that is so contentious and conflicting that it can be insignificant. I would know that if I were a writer of the great US novel, it would be useless to compose "the great US novel".

I would know that "the great US novel" probably doesn't even existed if I wrote the great US novel. I would never leave with the intent of composing the Great American Roman. I would never tell anyone that I write "The Great A. Novel".

" And I wouldn't tell anyone I was gonna make a novel. I would have already excelled as a well-known writer if I had penned the Great America Novel, perhaps by having already penned 5-10 books. I would not be so disappointed if I wrote the great US novel that I would not have the ability to do so.

I would be experiential and yet traditionally, modern and yet historically, progressively and radically. I would not be derived or reactive or non-original if I were to write the great American novel, although I have more than 200 years of literary traditions. When I wrote the Great American Novel, my trial, my backgrounds and my methodologies would be reviewed, analysed, canonised, painstakingly recorded, retelled and thoroughly scrutinised for the coming years.

I' d be entitled to the great American novel. I wouldn't be so fond of penning the great American novel. I wouldn't be if I wrote the great American novel.

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