How to Write an Ebook free

Writing an Ebook for Free

Share ebooks with friends . Do you need a clear concept for your eBook? It is completely free and offers an excellent range of functions. It is a free office suite that works on all major operating systems. Lifeplan ebook, Michael Hyatt uses Keynote for writing and design.

Twenty-thirteen easy to write and post a free ebook in thirteen lessons.

Ever thought about creating an ebook for your diary reader? Ali Hale is breaking the lawsuit as it is done in this extensive article. If you were in an optimal environment, you would often write great stories on your blogs, build connections with other blogs and respond to every one of your comments.... and that's more than you can do.

They might have contemplated penning an ebook as an accompanist to your blog, but you just can't find the ebook or the power for it. They already know all the good reason to do it: you have already seen your free part of the e-books download from other blogs: To write an ebook is not an effortless task, and it is something many people never do.

That is why if you write a reputable free ebook, you are going to get out. Here is how I typed, released and started my free ebook in just thirteen lessons and how you could do the same. This is your 13-step tutorial to do the same: you need a clear approach to your eBook.

While an ebook is not a blogs item, it's not a blogs either: don't make it a general view of your alcove (especially if it's quite broad). Select a section from your blogs, or a theme that would make a set of blogs entries. You can tell your readership that you will be releasing a free eBook in a fortnight or two.

Maybe you want to make the announcements in a posting, on Twitter or in your mailing lists. For me the term "Freebie" can sound a little shabby and inexpensive - but you may think differently! When you write long blogs, you may have a tendency to sketch before you start.

In an ebook, this is crucial: you don't want to spend long periods just writing to find that you've been wandering far away from the subject. You can open a plain text file or just take a sheet of hard copy and write an outlines before you continue with your eBook. Enter or print the order of the lists.

This are your sub-sections or sections in the eBook. So if you have a good plan to suggest a good image or resources (book, blogs, etc.), write it down here. Target for a 25-page eBook in a large typeface is about 4,000 words:

May be 14 pt Calibri (Word 2007) or 11 pt Verdana. That' s the frightening move many blogs find - enough words to write to fill an ebook. When it seems overpowering, try to think about your eBook as a set of interlinked blogs (with each sub-heading that starts a new post).

Their design really does help here because it will break the typing of your eBook into straightforward pieces. It is important that you do not distract yourself when you write. There is no need to write the whole ebook in one go - but try to give yourself a minimum of two lessons to work on it, or aim to design a certain number of paragraphs.

It is your first design, so don't worry about the worrying about the wording you have. Pausing a part through a passage or phrase will break your river..... and it's very simple to look up a quotation and get divert! It' simple to be diverted from formating, and it is also ineffective to reformat before all the text is typed - you'll find that you're going to change a bunch of things.

While you may find it useful to style headings and subheadings (make sure you know how to use fonts in Word - don't work on each headline individually) - the remainder can be waiting. When the design is finished, insert any images you want to incorporate into your eBook. One of the things you will want to consider is the kind of images you use depends on the subject of your ebook, but you might want to:

When you use a large type fontsize and use good designs (just like in a diary post), you don't need to fill your eBook with photos. Graphs used for this do not contribute much to the viewing enjoyment, and it can take a long while to find or create it.

When using Flickr pictures that have been registered under Creative Commons, make sure that you specify and set a hyperlink to the Flickr image on the eBook. When you have a small account for the ebook, you might consider purchasing stock photographs from either ISOstockphoto or fotolia. It' done, now is the moment to rework, work on and shine your eBook!

Like the first design, you have to find continuous room and time: it's all too simple to make a mistake or forgot to delete these"[notes about yourself]" when you' re disconnected. In your first round of editing, it's about the "big picture": make sure your chapter or section is in the right order and covers all the points you want to do.

Begin on page one and quickly browse through the whole ebook. Though this depends on the size of your ebook, some things you may want to consider are: Maybe you want to try to look at your eBook out loud: this often emphasizes overlong or complex phrases! These are also a good point to make sure that you have used a consistent sound of sound throughout your ebook.

And if you are not a natural humorist, make sure any pun you've recorded is really fun. Determine all your headings and subheadings and make sure that you use the "Styles and Formatting" function of Microsoft Office or your selected text-processor. Not only is it ineffective, it also halts the creation of an automated directory - more about it in an instant!

I like 14 pt Calibri (Word 2007) or 11 pt Verdana as stated in Stage 3. Think about adding the eBook heading to the header/footer of each page (if the reader prints it out). Or you can enter your name, your copyrights or the address of your blogs.

Notice that if you include a sleeve (and I suggest you do), you can instruct Word to use a different headline and footing line on the first page. A simple way to make your eBook stand out from the rest is to simply attach a directory and/or attachment.

Professionell booklets (and hardcover books!) have them - so why not yours? Once you've used Word's formatting and formatting function to create your header lines, it's really simple to create a directory. Simply paste a new page at the beginning of your eBook and go (in Word 2007) to the "References" page and then click on "Table of Contents" on the far lefthand side.

Word-auto-generates the tables with the headers, subheaders, and page numbers. When you modify the eBook after you have created the directory, just right-click it and select "update". That is the index of my eBook: At the end of my ebook I wanted to provide some suggestions for further read.

Your attachment could depend on the topic of your eBook: The all the hard work of typing and text reformatting is done: here is the joke part - causing your ebook-coverage! I' d suggest you spend a few bucks on your cloak. In the ideal case you want something without too much detail (as you will be using a picture thumnail of the covers on your diary to promote the eBook).

I' m not a builder, and it took me some patience to make a sleeve that didn't look desperately amateurish! As soon as you have inserted your covers as the first page in your eBook, take a screen shot and store it as.jpg. While I was starting to create e-books, I tried many different free ways to convert Word docs into PDFs.

That also means that they have not retained the link that "jumped" the user from the content page to the selected item. Best free options I used were PDF 995, so if everything else goes wrong, try it! If you have Word 2007, you can use the function "Publish as PDF".

Posting the ebook on your diary is simple, as opposed to all the work of making it! Either you can use the " upload " feature of your blogsoftware ( "Upload") (go to Media->Add New in WordPress), or you can use an FTP client to do this. Make a new contribution to your eBook using the picture you made ( "flat" or with eCover Pro software).

Well, spread the news! You can tweet about it, ask for reweets, email bloggers but make sure your eBook is on-topic for their bog. They may even consider sending a news item to your national newspaper. Myself, I resolved to hold a contest in the context of the free e-book introduction, which contributed to collect a little "buzz" and return.

Her eBook is out there, and your blogs are getting a bunch of new people. Grab a cup of a cup of wine, a cup of tea or a pint of tea.... and think about your next eBook. Ali Hale not only publishes e-books, but also a biweekly diary about "getting more from life" on You can send your articles directly to your newsfeeder.

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