How to Write an Ebook for Kindle

Writing an Ebook for Kindle

Formatting an eBook for Kindle You' ve completed your work. Once you have sharpened and adapted your script, you can post it to Kindle. Nothing much in your lifetime is free, but a Kindle textbook to release is it. A Kindle can be formatted by yourself and uploaded for free at Amazon. Incidentally, the less you do with your manuscripts, the better it will look.

First, you must store your script as a new document so that you have a copy of the source document. The Kindle release can't be used for anything else when you're done. If you use fonts smaller than or equal to sixteenpt, a caption with a large amount of text can simply be moved to a second line.

Make sure you enclose a cover page and a short copyrights note. Marketing Tip: If you have authored other works, you can link them to a "Even by your name" page (just make a hyperlink in your manuscript). Option: You can turn the chapters in the table of contents into clicking buttons by making each of the chapters a "Heading 1" (select the headline and click "Heading 1" on the tool bar to change the styles if necessary) and then create the table of contents (under the "Reference" tab).

Don't insert page numbers or page break - just keep the text running. Otherwise, the end result is chaos! -Amazon usually indent paragraphs throughout the reformatting, so at this point we suggest not to add any. "Also, short heels on a Kindle or iPhone are more attractive than longer ones. Once you have completed the format ( "and spell check!"), please store the document so that you have a copy for Kindle and then store it again in a different directory than "Web page, filtered".

" When you do not store it in another directory, Word converts the document you have just worked on into an html document and then you do not have the document (which you may want to use later to make an EPUB or PDF). Visit Amazon's bookshelf ( com), click on "Create new title" and click on the link below to download the work.

Or use the Covers Creator utility to make a custom artwork at this point. Once you've uploaded the inside of the eBook, make sure you can preview it with the Amazon preview. There' ll probably be mistakes, and people writing Amazon review articles are not always friendly to typing or reformatting mistakes in the textbooks they are reading (which is why it is so important to edit).

Keep in mind that with every publication you make, you build your writership. She is the creator of the award-winning memoirs The Box of Daughter and a series of textbooks on how to deal with personal and psychological traumas in the home, in schools and at work ( Teaching on-line memory authoring, editing and formatting, and helping bloggers build blogues.

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