How to Write an Ebook for Kindle

Writing an Ebook for Kindle

In order for Amazon to convert your ebook to Kindle format, you need to upload your book as filtered html. Go to the KDP Hub in your web browser at Commitments from the Underground World of Kindle eBooks.

Here, for example, is an excerpt from a best-selling Kindle book:.

Formatting an eBook for Kindle

Do you plan to write an ebook? E-books are a great way for freelance professionals to showcase their skills. They are also good wire generating as folks who are reading your ebook are likely to need your utilities. Just ask me about the simplest way to write and reformat an eBook, and I'll show you Scrivener.

With Scrivener, you can easily create a design, organize your books, and export your manuscripts as a Kindle-compatible eBook. Or, maybe you have already typed your ebook, and just want to know how to make it fit for Kindle+publication. I' ll show you how to use Microsoft Word to reformat your eBook, as well as free Amazon web-applications.

The correct format of your textbook is indispensable. When you have typographical mistakes in your books, your work is considered to be below average in all areas of your organization, no matter how good the contents of your work are. In order to finish this guide, you will need a notebook computer plus: you will avoid a lot of work and a headache of reformatting if you configure your format before you do it.

To do this, use the styles and formatting in Word to tell Kindle how to view your eBook. To have your eBook displayed on the Kindle properly, you must use the formatting preferences to reformat your work. Creating headlines yourself by bold formatting the text or resizing the text will cause confusion on the Kindle.

Don't worry for those who have already wrote their books! Now simply use the correct formatteries. In order to add headlines to your text, you must use the headlines provided in Word, namely: This can be left as the standard if you want, which in Word 2003 is the typeface of Arial in different sizing.

Amazon will convert the headlines to a default Kindle typeface for default readers Kindles, so from this point of view it is completely fine to keep the typeface as Arial. The Kindle Fire, which is the Kindle tray, there are a number of fonts available. When you want your headlines to appear in a different typeface than Arial on Kindle Fire, the simplest way is to use the type.

From Word, go to the Styles and Formatting menus under Format>Style and Formatting. You will see a drop-down list where you can specify the desired fonts for the headlines. To ensure a consistent look, it is best to use the same typeface in ever smaller formats for headlines 1, 2 and 3. In order to give your reader the best possible Kindle readings, you should insert all your heels.

To do this for an entire manual process costs a great deal of work. On the Styles and Formatting menus, click the down arrows next to Normal, and then choose Change, as shown here: On the Indent submenu, search for Custom and choose First Row from the drop-down list. Enter a value of 0.5 inch or 1.27 cm in the box next to the drop-down list, as shown here:

A line pitch of approx. 120% is perfect for a good Kindle reading-enjoyment. In order to do this, go to the Change for the regular styles screen as in steps 2. Go to the Format>Paragraph again. On the Distance item, search for the Line Pitch item and choose Multiple from the drop-down list.

Enter a value of 1. 2 in the field next to the drop-down list, as shown here: Like the headlines, you can keep the fonts for your continuous text at the standard settings. But if you want to use your own typeface, do it now. On the Styles and Formatting menus, click the down arrows next to Normal, then click your style.

There are two things you need to keep in mind when you write. At first, only use the style of reformatting that you have already configured. This means that for section titles, section titles and subheadings use titles 1, 2 and 3. You can use Insert>Cancel from the top level window and then paste a page makeup.

In order for Amazon to be able to transform your ebook into Kindle you need to submit your eBook as html files. It' not as difficult as it may sound; it's just about storing your documents in a different data source. Go to File>Save in the mnu. Under" Store as Type" choose Website, Filters, like here:

You will be asked to verify this and you will be notified that your paper is losing some formats. Choose "Add new title". The next page asks for your textbook information, which includes cover, writer, book descriptions, etc. They can be filled in if you wish, but they are not necessary to finish your formatter.

Allows you to submit your books. You must choose whether you want to include Digital Rights Management in your text. It' up to you whether you want it or not, and until you release your textbook, you can do so. Then click on "Search for book" and choose the previously generated HTML-files.

Click on "Upload book". Amazons will take a few seconds to convert your eBook to Kindle for you. Try again if the download failed. As soon as your textbook is loaded, Amazon says: "Upload and convert successfully! Once your eBook is up-loaded, the KDP hashboard Magic 6 will appear. To see what it will look like on the Kindle, click on "Preview Book".

Try it on the different Kindle models and browse through each page. Please pay attention to possible formating mistakes, also at the places where they occur. Wasn' t there any mistakes? When you find bugs, proceed to the next stage. This is only necessary if you have found a format error.

Open your filtrated HTML file in Word again, then click the toolbar buttons to display the format characters. Search your documents for uncommon formats. You will know exactly where to look if you found a format error in the last steps. This can have devastating consequences when switching to Kindle.

After you have formatted your books, flush and review by checking for formatsting mistakes and then upload your books to KDP. Once you have done the editing perfectly, you are prepared to fill in your booking information via KDP and proceed with the publication.

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