How to Write an Ebook for Amazon

Writing an Ebook for Amazon

Such as, "Buy Fantastic and be among the best new romance books! A lot of us want to write a book, but never start. When you can write a blog post, you can write an e-book. Sitting down every day.

To enhance your Amazon book description & metadata

Today?s commentary was written by Penny Sansevieri (@bookgal) and is from her latest contribution How to Send the Truckload on Amazon. Most of the writers who use Amazon KDP to create their own publications know that they can select up to two different classifications for their work. However, you also get seven words, and although Amazon says it's an option, it really shouldn't be.

As I asked ten writers to take a look behind the curtains of their Amazon books, with the proviso that I wouldn't include words they didn't need, none of them had entered them. There are always certain classes - all my writers had selected their classes - but key words are often ignored.

Think about your key words, because they are more important than you know. Describing the books, which is often missed to direct attention to your site, is also a great place to use key words. Descriptions of books should attract the readers, but writers have a tendency to get too floral with them.

Here ist ein ein Screenshots dieses Buches, How toell a Truckload of Books on Amazon. You will see that I use key words all over the page - in the headline, in the descriptions and in the bullets: If it' s about rhetoric, the rule still applies, but you may need to be imaginative when you use your key words.

Let us assume you find a set of key words like these: It' quite difficult to include them in a general descriptor, but you could use them as a descriptor for your critic. Such as, "Buy Phantastic and be among the best new romantic-books! Do not repeat the whole reviewer; in the ideal case you should only have to insert one or two words to interweave the key words.

Utilize what is feeling and reading correctly; don't overfill your descriptions just for the purpose of pasting key words. Use your free computer to create a descriptive text that will put your books in the best perspective. This is where your seven key words come in. When your text is a fictional one, your key words are also your topics.

If you have a love story, for example, you will substitute your topic for two of your keyboardwords. The use of topics is an option, but you can wager that if Amazon does this, it is likely to be built on diskette. Please use topic words in your text. To exchange key words with topic words, you can do so through your Amazon Dashboard or ask your editor to modify them if you don't have them.

If you have a KDP bankroll, you can retrieve the key words that Amazon recommends you complete your books meta data to be visible for this particular sniffer. But I would test them just like other key words, because when I have used them, some work brilliant, others do not.

Disguising your Amazon page should be a high order of business. In the past, you were at the mercy of the person who read the Amazon product and what the publishing house added. Log in to your Amazon Authors' Amazon accounts (you need to open an Amazon Authors Online bank if you don't already have one) and go to the Accounts page.

If you click on any of them, a page will open where you can fill in more details. Working with Amazon is quite demanding, i.e. you can make parts of your description and review (such as headings, name, etc.) fat and underlined. You can find more hints from Pennys in her 2-Book-Set How to Send by the Truckload on Amazon.

Which hints and hints do you need to give to improve your Amazon books and meta data?

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