How to Write an Ebook and Sell on Amazon

Writing an ebook and selling it on Amazon

Writing your eBook with Google Docs, Word or Pages (MAC). Translate the word doc into an ePub. Create your KDP Kindle account at Amazon. Place your price and go live on Amazon. The Mobi.

Do you sell your eBook on Amazon or on your own blogs?

Blogs were for geeks a few years ago. Blogger are no longer an alternative, but part of the new medium main stream. It' about packing your know-how and reaching a worldwide public via online advertising and to sell your competence and passions as a virtual reality. The democratisation of the medias and in the field of advertising leads to the fact that conventional publishing houses, brick and grout businesses are looking for new ways out and new ways of doing things.

Blogs and new medias open up new limits and enormous possibilities to establish e-business. So, what's the recipe for making moneys on the web? What can you sell on line? Maybe digital books and books are the best chance for a bloogger. A lot of us want to write a script, but never do it.

When you can write a diary, you can write an e-book. This is the great concept - the cover of the great concept. Classification - Take the content from a Word file to Mobi for Amazon, ePub for Apple iPhone or PDF file for sale on your own blogs.

Set up the sales channel - This may include sales through Amazon, Apple (or other on-line publishers) or on your own blogs or website. Making your ebook - now this means you need to be learning about digit commerce. These include the creation of an e-mail mailing lists, optimization for Facebook and Twitter based SEMs.

What can you do to sell your ebook on-line? Establishing the platform to sell can be discouraging, but as the platform has developed over the last few years, it is now becoming simple. You can sell your own e-books on-line in two ways. Amazons and apples are the bulls in the room with billions of e-books in their on-line holdings.

Last year, when I published my bestseller list on Amazon with "Blogging the Smart way - How to make and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media", I was able to reach the bestseller list with "Marketing" and "Marketing for Small Business". However, the sale at Amazon has some advantages and some disadvantages that I have found.

So, what are the pros and cons of your eBook sales at Amazon or Apple? They are waiting 3 month for Amazon to pay (after they have been paid). Even if you are living in a non-A Amazon digitally signed state, you will still get a cheque (including Australia).

Set-up at Amazon and the Apple Retail Store is slow and inconvenient. But I found Amazon simpler than Apple. I' ve used the payments system. It only took a few moments to set up my own system on Self-publication on your blogs or your website means that your Word documents are formatted in the default PDFs.

At Amazon you have about 95% instead of less than 40% in your hands. If you want to create an e-mail mailing lists of clients who buy your first volume because those who like your first volume are likely to want to buy your second volume. That' s how I posted my eBook "Blogging the Smart Way" on Amazon, Apple and my own blogs and saw the tests and difficulties of all three.

How should you sell your ebook on Amazonas or your own blogs? Controlling my own plattform, my own merchandising and payments system was a big plus. That means that I set up my own payments portal, but 95% of my turnover was kept and promptly paid. I' ve also noticed that by posting it on my own blogs I have increased my turnover by 58% compared to my Amazon results.

Amazons are always good at cross-selling (which works for them, but not for you). So, when prospects get to your page, they distract you with other textbooks. Would you like to know how to build and promote a winning blogs with SMB? Blogging the Smart Way - How to Create and Mark a Killer Blogs with SPD" - shows you how it works.

I' ll show you how to make and make a blogs that will rock and make tribal groups, supporters and supporters rock on Twitter and Facebook. There are also tens of useful hints to help you make infectious contents that beg to be divided and tempt others to post links to your website and your blogs.

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