How to Write an Amazing Book

Writing an amazing book

And the good thing is that you don't have to be a writer to write a good book. It will take some time to write a great book and do justice to the characters and the world. There''s no such thing as a great book without a great idea.

What is the best way to create an astonishing novel without a powerful storyline?

Make stylish decisions on a storylinetelling machine that you would use to present your storyline. is not conspiracy. Something still has to be done, whether it happens to the dude in person as he leaves, or in Flashback or vision of the futures, or a combi.

This is not the story, it is only the narrative tool Salinger used to present the film. It is a very faint story: he goes to class, gets beaten in the face, says pleasant lie on the trains, watches folks in a motel, watches hens having sex with a sex with a sex worker, etc., etc. (I don't recall the rest).

It is a classical one and deserved to be. Many of us thought some of these things, made the same mistake and wish we could just get out of reality and walk around for a few whole orchestras. What you are suggesting is really hard to do, although I think it is more certain to make flash-backs than vision of the futures.

This is because the state of the baby in the sands has no influence on the old man's situation, so that there can be no true conflicts or tensions for the readers. However, recurrences really did happen to the old man, and he's still up against the spirits of his past, otherwise he wouldn't think so much of them.

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