How to Write an Advice Book

Writing a guide book

You' re writing a lot in your book about creating characters. Remember some of the side characters in your favorite books: ("as you wish"), self-editing guidance and genre-specific consulting. I' m getting a lot of e-mails about how to write a book. As one writes a study, which is based on a whole book of the Bible.

Lee Child's review - How to write literature

You can find more about Lee in the January edition of Lee magazine. - What is your goal in composing the Reacher Thriller? I' m just trying to tell a really interesting tale. It' s a little bit ostentatious to think differently - I'm often seen by those with a great variety of entertainments.

  • What is it that makes you write? My writings are written solely for the readers. I' m a book collector. I write one book a year and I' m reading a hundred. However, you never find a book that is 100% what you want, so you have to write it yourself. Each author has 99 suggestions, but the letter has two items to figure it out and prepare it to publish it.

In a way, we are a servant to the editor - I'm not self-important enough to do what I want if the editor wants another Reacher book. - Isn' t it right that you begin a new book every year on the same day? So I purchased three blocks of pen and ink and began to write because I had to do it.

What was interesting for me was that you write the book, sell it to a publishers, and that took me a while, and I knew that every year I had to write one if I wanted to release a book, and I was always quite far ahead. - Do you believe in writer's inhibition with such high levels of productiveness?

It is a short form of Writer's Bloc, which means that you simply don't get involved on this outing. You can' t put yourself in your mind to get an invention. - What do you think about violating the rule of correspondence? Generally, authors, especially beginners, are very anxious and uncertain. They have a clear understanding of what they want to do and there are non-rule rule - they are just advice and sometimes even poor advice.

Not to say is a face of ill advice. Classical post-war thrillers just sit down and tell a tale, and the thought that you shouldn't do that is very distorted and compels folks to share information in a very strange way. Avoiding advice is always my primary concern.

They want to make sure you've had enough good readings. If you want to write a book, the only requirement is that you have to spend a lot of quality material. Describe what you think should be the ideal suspense story. See the full article in Writing Magazine in January.

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