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Writing a letter

You may be asked to write an article in Cambridge First or Cambridge Advanced. Do you know what distinguishes an article from other types of writing? Create a sketch or diagram of your ideas. In order to learn to write, you must develop the right writing habits: Write time in your calendar; and try to write at the same time every day.

Here are five things you need to know about writing articles for examinations

You may be asked to write an essay in Cambridge First or Cambridge Advanced. Do you know what distinguishes an essay from other ways of writing? Identifies the readership An item is like a face-to-face discussion with the readership. If you have an examination questionnaire, it could tell you who your people are.

Pupils of a local language course, those who live in a city or are interested in sport, for example. Anything you write must talk to this readership and arouse their interest from the first phrase. It needs to get notice, if you are anywhere on the web these days, you will be bombed with headline article that draw the readers in.

It' called'click baiting' and all the author is trying to do is get you to open the page to see her anecdote. You' ve got to think like a newspaperman when you write your newsmagazine. It has to be interesting for an item to work, it has to be attractive enough to be viewed all the way.

Think how boring the auditor must be after having studied fifty examination paper. Help them get a good idea of your writing by amusing them. Use sub-categories to split the text and make clear paras. Writing in a semi-informal, dialogue-oriented way.

Consider what your sub-categories might be and then write a brief intro that lets the readers know what to look for. Remember that you want the readers to continue studying, so don't tell them exactly what they will do. Usually in an article you reformulate the issue, how you will be answering it and perhaps say why it is important.

This will destroy the interest of the readers in one of the articles. Write a good ending In an essays you summarize the previous points and make a deduction from them. However, in an articel it is better to give the readers something to think about, perhaps by asking them another questions or calling them to act.

There are two ends I could use for this article: So now you know how to write an essay, why don't you write one with advices on something you know? Do not use words such as: to summarize, some say anyway, on the one side and so on. You one of those who think that...?

Somehow they like to read the list! In the first section, a straightforward, rhythmic interrogation to get the reader to find out the answers. Articles by Nicola Prentis, professor and author of material, with offices in Madrid and London.

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