How to Write a Write up

Writing a write up

Indeed, this last phase - writing your research - can be one of the most difficult. The development of a good, effective and concise report is an art form in itself. If you need to write a professional report, you may be confused about the information you need to insert. The research projects should be written in the form of a journal article. When your answers have different aspects, divide the report into paragraphs:

Where do I get started?

It is the beginning of each item that determines whether it is viewed by someone or not. When you present a boring and inanimate intro, the remainder of your story will be ignored. Your first glimpse is the beginning of your story. Quotations - Dependent on the type of your item, it might be interesting to see some quotations (spoken by celebrities ), sayings or even excerpts of poetry and music.

When I say use quotations, I mean echoing and proper phrases that are intimately related to the content of your story. Opinions - In discerning review, a slight reference to your choice/grade/preference can be given and you can gradually develop the remainder of your paper in this sense. I' ve abandoned this end of term because it is a basic principle that most colleges are teaching a schoolboy.

Writing a good write-up

I' ve taken part in many CTF' s and every times you stop, I always reads good, poor and "shitty" write-ups..... If you are doing a write-up, remember that you are not doing it for Fame and Glory (maybe for it), but you should write it for other people who want to study and research new ways of thinking and most importantly, you should write it for yourself!

I sometimes find that I have already finished a few years ago in CTF, or I see issues at work that I have already resolved during a CTF and that make me shudder every now and then when I read the write-up. Therefore, I think it will be useful to write some rules that we (and you!) should obey when we write a summary.

When you write a write up for a CVT, there is some information you need to insert. Don't be too hoggish when you write your work. I have seen some write-ups consisting of a to-do lists, some only Python/JS codes without any commented. You' ll need to describe the precise order of thoughts you've gone through to get from A to B. Just don't enter your cipher without a descriptive text or remark.

All too often, a link is posted to your sources that doesn't work after a while. Don't be too wordy when you write your contents. Remember that if you add too many pointless detail, you get bored. So, you can use some rememes to pick or write some quips to keep scanners stuck to the screen. What do you want to do?

They properly formate small snippets, paths, string, etc. You can reproduce your writing (you need to append the challenger sourcecode, sometimes this is not possible). The text is multi-lingual (English is a top-level language, at least for TL;DRs).

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