How to Write a Teenage novel

Writing a teenage novel

Set a destination every day to write to. Being able to laugh at the things in the book. Tension the ends of the chapters. Ensure that your writing flows well. Make your main character unique, something original and different.

Writing a teenage novel: 8 easy to follow instructions (with pictures)

Are you writing for a boy or a girl? Perhaps gruesome and sci-fi can also address youngsters, but it will also be the interest of many youngsters. Teenage has a dozen different styles, among them romantic (which in most cases comes with comedy), the psychic (think Charmed, Twilight by S. Meyer and Wicca by Cate Tiernan), the comedic, the horrible, the racial (think Malorie Blackman's N&C trilogy), sci-fi, live-lihood, and more.

It may seem puzzling when you look at it from your face, but keep in mind that teens are very slightly lame-ass. You' re gonna write a page break, keep in mind. Will you have a sign, or do you switch between signs in different sections? Where' s your protagonist going?

Attempt to find a protagonist with whom you can identify. Don't make them look great, they won't like them and they can't identify with them. Attempt to use real-life scenarios, but overdo them a little to boost their interest. Once you've had a really lousy date, you can put it in your romantic film.

It is always better to have a first-hand impression than to do something you have never had before. This gives the readers a true picture. And if the author doesn't want to study his own novel, who will then? To speak their own tongue, but be careful, you need to dictate how much use slang in your teen novel, you don't want you to post outdated.

Like if it is a novel about sorcery, you can give the protagonist problems of the game. This makes the characters and their stories more real and credible, no matter how ludicrous the plot itself is. Keep in mind who your intended group is and where you are going with your novel.

In the central part, the protagonist should go through a kind of crises that should be solved to the end.

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