How to Write a Successful novel

Writing a successful novel

There are also many successful novels that do not use Deep POV: Creating a great book outline doesn't have to be hard. Which are the rules for successful novel writing? They are many and each has its own list. Authors and readers love a good review - so if you're thinking of turning your hand to reviewing fiction or non-fiction, here are some tips.

So what makes a big novel?

Would you really like to be a novelist - and if so, why? Everybody has to fight opponents, no difference how they live. The statement that critique is unjust means questioning the applicability of free thought, expression and expression, and that is a very different issue for a very different debate.

I think some of us are writing out of rage, others out of hurt, yet others out of preconception or bereavement, yet others out of love, the pledge of something better, perhaps the faith that - even now - a novel can be able to transform a lifetime. One of us writes to remind ourselves, another to remind ourselves, some to make things go away, some to make things go away, some to make sure things do not.

" As Molière said, we are writing first for ourselves, then for our mates and finally for moneys. Isn' t the standard of living in a community measured by the extent to which its performers are promoted and recognised? Isn' t the company itself assessed according to the extent and content of its own efforts?

While the topic I want to talk about brings me to the States, it is more important to me to talk about something that can move someone in an emotional way, perhaps changing a way of looking at things and at the same and trying to make it as beautiful as possible.

I' d also like to cover topics - be it politics plots, series murders, racial relationships, politics murders or FBI and CIA investigation - that could only work in the US. Mighty themes, emotional, perhaps controversial, but with the aim of getting the emotion, the spirit, the heart, souls, and men to think about what they believe, what they see as the reality in our societies, and perhaps even to alter their prejudices.

So, what's a big novel? Maybe it is nothing more than a novel that defies who we are, what we believe, and that has the authority to shift our point of view on something, however certain that point of view may be. R.J. Ellory is the writer of eight books, among them the bestseller A Quévet Bélief in Angels, which was selected in the Richard & Judy Book Club in 2008 and nominated for the Barry Award, the 813 Trophy, the Quebec Booksellers' Prize and the Nouvel Observateur Crime Fiction Prize.

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