How to Write a Story on the computer

Writing a story on the computer

I' d like to write a story, so what is the best program on my computer to do this. There is a space on this page where you can write. Amitabh Bachchan writes the story of Baghban on a typewriter in this film. Nevertheless, many are still fans of notebooks. In modern life, computers are ubiquitous.

You' ll be taught how to write on a computer.

There is a space on this page where you can write. Learn the basics of typing here, allowing you to write in word processors, e-mails, browser based documents and other apps. Use your keyboard to move the cursors into the write area. Note that the form changes when it enters the write area.

Right-click while the cursor is in the write area. You should now see a horizontal line in the upper lefthand corner of the area. It is the insert point that shows you where the characters appear when you begin input. Enter the following text in the text area.

To move the curser over your text, use the keyboard. So before you continue, I want you to put a copy of your letter on the pasteboard. You can then put it back in the write area when it goes away. In order to copy to the copy file, first place the left and right mouseclick.

Press and keep one of the buttons pressed while you move to the end of the write.

Teaching a computer to write a story

It is part of a three-part serial describing the IT seniors' work project. First it gives the computer a compilation of histories that have been created by periodical writers to analyse them. Computer need inspirations like people! It lets the computer recognize the words, phrases, paragraphs and parts of the oration.

All of these memos can break down the available histories into samples, something that a computer can skilfully handle. A good story has a touching storyline full of impressive happenings. Melanie has therefore developed algorithm with which the computer can recognize the occurrences of the story. Then it' done, it is a good moment to create a new action.

It uses an ever more common mechanical teaching aid, a so-called neuronal net. The neuronal networks mimic the nerve of the nerve using many neurones. Its neuronal net uses the compilation of incidents it has learnt from other histories to recreate a new action. Writers can testify that story writing doesn't stop when you think of an action.

Which parts of the story do you tell the readers? She is building on the work that already exists to turn the computer's storyline into phrases that we can really use. She will have written several computer histories by the end of the year, as well as assessments of how logic and originality they are.

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