How to Write a Short Story about yourself

Writing a short story about yourself

"'Just write for yourself and for your clarity of mind." In this article you will learn how to write about yourself and how to feel good about yourself. That' true, but not everyone is a natural writer. Hey, this is my home page, so I need to say something about myself. After all, I like to read, I like to write, I like to think, I like to dream, I like to talk, I like to listen.

Like they say about me. Let me give you an example.

I am interested in computer sciences, sports, music as well as phantasy-fiction. This was Commodore 64 and I recall I thought it was the best thing in the game. First I only played computer gadgets, but some years later I realized that I could do a whole host of other things with the computer, such as program.

QUEEN is my favourite group. We' ve got all their records, many videotapes, novels, posts, gadgets as well as interview. But I also like other groups like The Doors, The Baeatles, The Rolling Stones, some of Poland's leading bands and many others. I' m also intrigued by Scottish bagpipes and one of my favourite records is the sound track "Braveheart".

I' ve participated in many sports events (football trophies, hand-ball trophies, races), where I won many trophies together with my crew. I like to gamble but I have never done it professionally. Lovin' fancy fiction. Reading fantastic novels and journals, watching fantastic movies and role-playing in which the fantastic universe is used as a backdrop.

We' re playing about five lessons ofesion. "Middle-earth " is a tokien books-based simulation series. It' because I loved everything J.R.R. Tolkien has written. He' s my favourite author, but I also like other authors, for example Piers Anthony or Robert Jordan. And I' m hoping to study Japanese in the nearhood.

Now I' m trying to study Japanese myself. Already I know some words and about sixty characters of her Alphabeth. If I study English and my mother and father well, they will find me a Japanese teat.

Writing about yourself

Isn' that what you just loathe when someone says to you? This is when someone asks you to write something about yourself. Well, if so, you're just like most of us. Although we consider ourselves authors, most of us like to write about other things - and about other human beings. There is a point in your lifetime when you will either have to do it - for a perhaps-related work or you will decide to do it - for a memoirs, essays or blogs-mail.

When you write about yourself, especially on-line, you are expecting everything you write to go far beyond your target audiences and to be there forever. Do not write about it if you do not want a potential workplace - or your mother-in-law - to find out or find out in any other way.

So, be cautious what - and how much - you want to split. Not. You know, choosing to write literature. Like with any typing task, you need to know who you are typing for, so do your work. A good comprehension of your public helps you to strike the right note.

Are a more informal sound best (for a future employer) or is a relaxed, cheerful sound a better option (for a diary post)? So while the information you provide about yourself may be the same, the way you provide that information will vary significantly with your target group.

Since you know who you are typing for and what sound you will take, you need to set the 3 or 4 main dots. Humans are better at remembering history than just facts, so get connected to your target audiences by harnessing the force of history. If you are working with a prospective employee, for example, select a story that will highlight your performance and explain why it is important to the company.

Don't just review facts. Be confident, not arrogant. Put a lot of power and enthousiasm into your letter, but don't try to selling too much. When you are not sure if you have reached the right equilibrium, ask a colleague or supervisor to review what you have spelled. You may have already found out that the way you write about yourself is not so different from other ways of typing.

So if you still have difficulties and don't know how to write about yourself, try to write about yourself in the third one. There is only one thing at the end of the morning that will help me with this unpleasant sensation of always being able to write about myself.

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