How to Write a Proper Story

Making a real story

Tales give context and are the basis for every game. I' m not saying that it's not possible to write something like a good short story in a big creative hit, that's it, but doing it right requires discipline and preparation. Good start is a joke. Throughout my current story, my grammar check adds "and" before some of my sentences that contain "then". Is" OK" or" okay" the right spelling?

Writing a good game story

Certainly there are titles that don't seem to have a story - but if you take a close look, you can see that they actually have a great deal to offer. Have a look at check - there doesn't seem to be any history of check. But, if you look at it carefully, it has character, a universe, a progression and an action.

I' m saying there' s a fucking story to check. Angry Birds is another example. Angry Birds' story is very brief. Was it even a story? Angry Birds' story is one of theft, victim, parenting and finally vengeance. There' s conflicts, there' s an fictional game. History begins with the universe.

What continent is this earth? So what could trigger conflicts in this realm? Once you've created the game, you can use it as a guide to your characters' background stories. It will also be your point of departure for all your upcoming matches in the same "universe".

Character is the most important capital. signs are construed. You have feelings, beliefs about the outside realm, aims, likes as well as aversions, foes and allies. One of the big stories is the overall struggle. Probably you don't want to say it all at once in your playing, but with little pieces. However, when you are playing the match, you only see a little of this big story.

There is still the real scale of the quest concealed, and that gives us ample opportunities to increase the effort and add new players and barriers. It was to follow the theme of the globe. Which part does the character play in the big pattern of things? Will there be an incident (in the past or in the future) that will shake the earth?

What are different character types when you plot and meet? Game Of Thrones is a nice story for example. Each book and serial alternates with vivid "close-ups" of the protagonists. Those occurrences should be recorded in your Grand Storyline. If you have your worlds, your personalities and your grand story, it's timeto take a little bit of all that fuzz.

This is a good check list to write the dialog and the story in the game: Does that advance history? A line on the monitor. You write as if someone from the glacial era would say it - except without the grunts and skulls. If you write rows that you can read at a single look, they take up the story even though they jump over the dialog.

Next is to create the story board and show your team mates how everything should look on the monitor. There' s not much to say here, but story boarding is an artwork in itself, and it needs some skills to clearly convey cinematics. This is the story board for the introductory cutscene:

Great, you got a story! Now it turns out you're playing some kind of tricks! Hasn' a story, has it? If you implement the action in your play, you are responsible. You have to combine the gameplay with the narration. This can be difficult - especially if you are playing some kind of games of chess or in our case a flipper one.

Enviroment - Your level tells a story about the universe and its story. Hostiles - The evil boys tell a story by just being there. Alliance - Your team mates can make script-driven choices that drive the story. Art books, blog, special contents - not everything has to be involved.

Mostly we use cut scenes and the surroundings to tell the story. That'?s what Momonga Pinball Adventures looks like: I' ve got no place to write a 500-page global script. That'?s the way it should be when you play a ball or two. Create the worlds, the protagonists, the big plot.

I' d like to see if the story matches the gameplay. Then it is a good idea to take a little bit of notice and see if it still works in the big pattern of things. If you do this, you have to rethink certain personalities or even make changes to large parts of the globe.

Let them appear in the commentaries so that we can all write better tales! Cheers, PS: I will be at Gamescom next weekend, and the following weekend at the Got Game Conference (with a lecture about Momonga on Tuesday) and Unity.

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