How to Write a press Release for a Book

What is the best way to write a press release for a book?

A high-quality distribution of news is an efficient way for authors to promote a new book. The ones who say the press release is dead are doing it wrong. So, here's how to do it right. What is the best way to write a press release for your book? First thing you need to do is write an appealing press release.

Ultimate book press release template

I know a book press release is an important part of your book-making efforts, you know it, I know it, the fellow next door knows it. If you have the right attitude and understand sector convention, you can write a press release that is too good to ignore. Let's discuss the size of your press release.

The size is decisive and should not be overestimated. When you have the right size, you are half way there. Please click here to open our press distribution list in a new browser. Here you can downlaod my favourite book press release: Now I don't want you to leave without fully understand how to properly prepare a press release, so here are a few hints to get your inner PR official started:

Have a good press release demonstrating the world economics, so make sure you don't babble. Adhere to one A4 page or about 400 words if it is included in the text of an e-mail. Consider your headlines as your first experience. There is a big news item that says it's definitely a good idea to read on.

When you send a press release by e-mail, copy your heading and insert it into the e-mail heading. To illustrate this, your heading will appear in both the message heading and the text of the e-mail. However you do, do not put things like "Read this" or "Latest Messages from me" in the reference line, as it will look like the same.

You' ve got to make it easier for reporters to issue your press release, so give them everything they need right from the beginning. Ensure you have a clear mind and shoulder of yourself and a clear picture of your bookcase. It is better to insert a line above the heading that says something like "High-res pictures of or ".

Please keep in mind to date the press release at the beginning so that the reporter can see how old or new the film is. The next two or three sections allow you to enter more details to support your heading and intro. Recollect, your catchphrase pledged to the scholar that it would be couturier to publication your merchandise, so now is your possibility to stronghold your commitment.

The inclusion of a quotation in your press release brings added value and an additional aspect. They can insert a quotation from a reviewer, a readers, a blogger or even from themselves. Use caution when thinking about what quotation to insert, as it should not be too self-promoting. Keep in mind that your citation is the only part of your publication that the editor cannot modify or work on.

If you are sending a press release by e-mail, you must simply keep it by specifying the heading in the reference line and the remainder of the press release in the text of the e-mail. Specify the end of your press release by inserting "ENDS" at the end of the first part. Please click here to open our press distribution list in a new browser.

Please feel free to down-load my book press release template in various file sizes by registering here:

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