How to Write a Perfect Story

Making a perfect story

" Comment écrire une bonne histoire, par Lee Roddy. You will learn simple techniques to write good hooks for stories. Use our top tips to help you tell your story in the best possible way. There are key factors that every writer has to think about when it comes to writing romance. To write short stories means to start as close to the climax as possible - everything else is a distraction.

Making a good story

Tales have great powers. God actually uses narratives to tell us about himself from Genesis to revelation. Unsurprisingly, Jesus teaches in similes that are usually interpreted as brief fictional tales illustrating a morality or faith. Today they are published in tens of thousand books and books by Christians.

Tales go where you and I may never go. Tales transcend boundaries and affect life, which may only become known when God's book is opened in judgment. History can make a life of its own, as many Christians can attest. Several of us have a particular vocation to transform the life of young people, as they write story.

In prayer I try to educate young people who may be the writers of the future. This includes mothers and fathers who can motivate young children to write funny tales. A number of disciples may continue to evolve God-given abilities to influence their peers and possibly an as yet undiscovered family.

You can write a story from anywhere. I myself, once a disabled and impoverished farm lad who was writing on a secluded veranda, am now writing tales of my 8 by 8 1/2 feet home California work. His blessings on the histories made here have been made available throughout America and in at least 22 other states.

To teach a kid to write a story should be like a play. Every match has its own set of precepts, as does storytelling. It'?s like making a story. Let us therefore begin with the little-understood need to structure a story. There are three apparent parts to a story: beginning, center and end. One thing that is not apparent - but totally crucial - is to learn exactly which story items need to be typed under each of these sections.

These can be made easier by using three words beginning with the letter'O'. At the beginning of a story, the first letter'O' is Objective. This sympathetic, highly motivating but erroneous protagonist wants something for a good cause. And the second letter'O' comes in the long center of a story and represents obstruction.

These are the issues that the protagonist has to solve in order to reach his goals. Third letter'O' is in the brief end of the story and is Outcome. The story shows how the protagonist reaches the finish line or how he tries courageously and fail. Now I will tell you a story I have written with the title "Shark Pit".

Twelve-year-old Josh Ladd meets a foreigner in California who shows him a photo of Josh's sire. Because his dad's never been in the military. osh also sees a hand-drawn card if the foreigner accidently lets it fall. His secret evolves at home when Josh finds out that his dad has a write job for a journal and a dedicated card to go to Hawaii in quest of some invaluable treasure.

osh realizes his father's card is the same as the stranger's. Josh's goal is to go with his dad because Tank Catlett, Josh's best buddy, now resides in Hawaii. Throughout the story, Josh faces various barriers as he reaches the island where he is reconnected with Tank.

With a native kid, Roger Okamoto, Josh and Tank want to join Mr. Ladd as he follows the card as the guys anticipate it will result in a great rich. Josh's fault in nature becomes apparent when he does not obey his dad and goes with Tank and Roger to find the clues.

This ending shows how insubordination hurls Josh and his buddies into a sea mine full of shark and finds no way out. Of course, I'm not gonna tell you how it's gonna turn out because you might want to get a reading. But as I did with Objective, Obstacles and Outcome, it should help you to write your story.

Bestselling writer Lee Roddy,, has authored numerous shorts and over 50 books, among them four personality development programs for young people. He has been teaching storytelling for almost 20 years at home school and teachers' congresses, at college, authors' meetings and for Writer's Digest mag.

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