How to Write a one page Story

Writing a one-page story

A very admirable goal, but not easy to achieve. Storiestelling has always been an effective instrument of persuasion. He knew he could write one page. The submissions should include a one-page summary of the novel. There is a difference in one keyword - short.

Penmanship exercise: Clues to why I write one-sided stories (IMAGES)

I have been doing a series of one-page picture-story titled "Forgive me" for about six years. To make these tales, I draw a substantive from a pile of indexes and write and draw the first remembrance that comes to me. First of all, the methodology was based on the concept of caricaturist and author Lynda Barry of how a singular term can spread strong remembrance and thus tell strong tales.

If you could only tell your story through the sofas you know, what kind of story would that be?" However, in reality I never had the feeling that I had enough quality to try out the whole trial that Barry is teaching. I' ve become eager and reduced it to two basic rules: when I draw a map, I make it from the first slot that comes and I don't work it.

That' s why the tales sometimes have misspellings or grammar problems, but I think it's also the reason why they are so straight. With so many years of writing these tales, I begin to start feeling so optimistic that I can rely on the trial - and sometimes make it better later. I' m doing many other things as an artist than I' m an artist and an author, but that's the kind of thing I keep returning to, the work.

I' ll come back to making these tales because they are both simple and powerfull. I may have made 1000 tales since I began and I never tire of figuring out what comes out of a single term I choose from the indexes. These little reminders allow me to speak about all the strange folks I have grown up with: the Hollywood-hyppies, the artist, the streeties and the burnout.

I' d like to write my one-sided sci-fi history. Where do I begin?

To write a good, releasable, one-page story is actually much more difficult than you think. A good story, even a brief one, needs a certain evolution to depict its worlds and personalities in such a way that it grabs the readers. So if you're really looking to write a one-sided (say 200-250 words) sci-fi story, here's how I would do it:

First I would come up with an imaginative concept that I really think is catchy and that I think only works best in the fictional world. Second, I would write down a first phrase that grabs the readers. I' d begin with a strong picture, or in the midst of a dispute, or the secret that makes the readers continue.

Next, I'd write the story from beginning to end. If my aim then is really to keep this story as brief as possible, I would be cutting as much as possible. And, lastly, I would examine whether the last movement of the story keeps the first.

Finish with a good surpise or jest, but make it an end that will satisfy the readers.

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