How to Write a novel Stephen King

Writing a novel Stephen King

"'It boils down to what Satchel Paige said: "Don't look back, there may be something in you. Wherever history takes you, go. History, or how Stephen King learned to write.

Every page of a Stephanskönigs novel I wrote I took notes of.

I' m a freelance author, and like many freelance editors out there, I always try to improve my work. Stephen King is one of my favourite autors, so I thought I'd analyse one of his works as I was reading it to see what makes him and his writings so popular.

Reading End of Watch, taking note of every section. What interested me was not so much how he describes character or writes dialogues, but above all how he drives the plot forward and appeals to the readers. These are some pictures of the memos I took: I don't want to imitate any other writers as a novelist, but I want the things of others that work well and form and make them the way I write my own histories.

Frequently Stephen is writing about the agonist and the hero. Not only does he pursue the main character, but at the end he reveals the bad guy. There are side tales in Stephen that make us love or make us hating certain people. It was in this tale that he spoke of how Bill struggled with his heath. Stéphane is a champion at it.

Drifting out hints throughout the entire text, he ends each section with something that makes us turn the page and read on. He' s shortening his punishments when there's a lot of activity. And when the situation is tight, he cuts his phrases and bars. It keeps the readers going and almost raises our fear when we are following a tight spot in the film.

Encouraging any novelist to select and analyse a novel by their favourite novelist. Write down each of the chapters and note what makes the notebook work - ?notate - work - what you like about it, and what keeps you returning to the author's work.

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