How to Write a novel quickly

Writing a novel quickly

Begin with any chapter. Begin in the middle of a chapter and move outwards in each direction. Here is how to write better and faster. Some of you may think: "Isn't that what all writers want? Asking yourself how long it takes to write a novel is a useful question.

Writing a novel in a month (The Simple Way!)

Nov. is National Novel Weaving Month and in honour of that, I thought I would divide my system (developed over the course of more than 10 books) for the quick production of a good novel without a ton of anxiety and agony. So if you can't shut yourself off from the rest of the room (and the Internet) in a five-star resort with superior room services, try this:

You can' t make a novel work without mature, convincing personalities. Before you begin to plot or write, take your own little while to learn the history of the character and heroine. Outlined you know where you are going and have an inkling of the routes you will take, making for a smooth trip.

Design #1: Focussing on dialog. Guess the number of words: 40,000 The first design of my novel is a pure dialog. Except it's a multiple characters sequence, I won't even add the" he said" or" she said" mark. When you can't tell when your storyteller is speaking without recognizing him, it's a signal that you have to go back and work on her personality and part.

Design #2: Get everything else cranked out. Estimate number of words: 65,000 This is another sketch of fasten full of descriptions and everything else. It is full of really embarrassing phrases and wrongly placed characters. I' m adding many "TKs" (wherever something "comes") if I'm not sure of a single term, but just want to go on.

Printing, reading, noting. Printout a copy and hold it with a stylus in your hands. Not only are you looking for spelling mistakes or ways to sharpen your phrases, you're also trying to find out how the storyline is connected before you start writing so many words that it's a bad dream to move them.

It is also much simpler for the mind to edit fuzzy, pointless sequences if you haven't spent a lot of your life on them. Design 3: Craft. Number of words: I' m going through each sequence line by line to really shape my phrases by editing wasted words and choosing the best ones. It' easy, but that's where the magick happens.

Design 4: Give it to someone who reads and does something else. Browse for someone willing to review your script with clean lines while you let your eye catch you working on something completely different. I' d like some folks to see it when I can. When someone says your character is bland, one loved her, and another said something else.... well, that's a mess to put in order, and it's up to you.

Dispatch it to the whole wide globe. Years in the typing business, I think this is the move most writers don't make. There are many award-winning textbooks hidden under the bed.... but you don't compete with them. They compete with those of courageous writers. Merry typing!

P.S.: Do you have further question about literature and/or the romantic gender? I will talk about this on Thursday, November 8 at 7:00 pm in my favourite India bookshop WORD BOOKLYN and sign a copy of my new publication, Mr. Knightly SEDUCE.

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