How to Write a novel for Dummies

Writing a novel for dummies

Forward a press release. Enter some thoughts on plot. Get a First Draft Down. Although it is a good idea to test your idea on other authors, resist the feedback on the writing itself at this stage. Complete instructions for writing and selling your novel.

Write a novel for dummies by Leslie Wainger

Enamored of romantic stories? Romanticism is the most beloved type of literature today and accounts for more than half of all Massenmarkt literature sell. So if you want to make a serious endeavor to write a romantic and publish it in today's diverse marketplace, you need to know as much as possible about this extremely prosperous area - especially how to make the ideal characters and Heroesses.

Now in this simple, step-by-step tutorial, a top romantic edit gives you the know-how you need to be successful as a romantic! For Dummies is ideal for beginners and savvy authors who are looking to take the lead on the novel and get it out there.

Harlequin Books Executive Editor Leslie Wainger tells what it will take to become the next Nora Roberts: Choose a nickname Type a persuasive, cordial tale Find the right agency and publishers Send a copy of your novel To Join your club and publishers with inside hints, this plain-text guides will help you learn the elements of a great romance, handy hints for the crafts of typing as well as adept hints on how to get your readers off page one, type with enthusiasm, and design a suggestion that will win the hearts of would-be agencies and editor.

Demystify the subgenera of the Romanesque empire, from historic, modern, and multi-cultural to para-normal, romatic tension, and Christian/spiratorially explain how to design, step, and create these critical lovemaking scenarios, get authorizations help you decide whether it is best to type alone or with a parter complete with a script prep checkbook, hints for improving your work smooth and successful, coaching in comprehension and negotiation of a compact and a listing of novel typing tools, authoring a novel for dummies is your one-stop leader to becoming an online-editor!

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