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Writing a book

It'?s not one of those books. ("and poet") for my most popular non-fiction book, Writing in Flow. Writing books and scripts is practically different. Sitting down and writing a novel is the only way to write it.

National NoGenMo - the technical riposte to the National Novel Writing Month in the USA.

About the book

A lot of textbooks provide good tips on how to spell well. Quite the opposite, this is a compilation of horrible, unpleasant and ridiculously illegible extracts that will tell you what you must prevent at all cost if you want to publish your novel. Instead of letting you know how or what to spell, they help you discover, prevent and change the 200 most frequent errors that authors make inadvertently.

You can also have a look at the HarperCollins-page.

I' m Bill Clinton and James Patterson write a novel.

In a novel, Bill Clinton works with one of the most accomplished writers in the underworld. Publishers Little, Brown and Company titled the news Monday that the former President is working with author James Patterson on a new novel. "According to a company statement, The President  Is Missing" will be released by Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown and Company in June 2018.

"Work on a work on a product active a motion presidency -- idea on what I entirety active the job, being in the White House, and the way Washington -- has been a achiever fun," Clinton same in a message. "and President Clinton's understanding has enabled us to tell a really interesting one.

Both allegedly formed a friendship while playing golf more than a decade ago. decades top-selling writers listed, "Harry Potter" writer J. K. Rowling. He is the writer of several non-fiction books, among them his 2004 autobiography "My Life". He is not the only one in his budget to receive the fictional treat.

Writers Curtis Sittenfeld have been reported to have signed a contract with Random House to make a fictitious re-narration of the lives of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sionfeld is the novelist of American Wife from 2008, a fictionalised adaptation of the former First Lady Laura Bush's world.

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