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Writing a book

I had the luxury of writing when the muse struck or when I had time before I was released. The books do not respond to timelines, tables or graphs. Take, for example, my latest book, The Vacationers: Your book, From the first draft to the finished novel: A lot of textbooks offer good advice on how to write well.

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Writer Kingsley Amis once said: "The skill of typing is the skill of placing the pants on the armchair seat." Although it may be 10% inspirational and 90% sweat to write a novel, we are here to give you a little guide. Many authors produce one a year, but it is not uncommon to spend three, five or eight years in a work.

You' re gonna have to grab your readers. We wanted the font's sound to be refreshing and unique. Provide an immediate undertow of narration; let the readers know "what happens next". "Immediately introduce the readers to the history and use a clear and modest speech. Do not make the readers grab the dictionary."

Composing a novel: Hints for composing a novel

Why is a novel on the New York Times bestseller lists? Writers who are succesful, they say, are writing about taxation (but not about sex), about marriages (but not about drugs) - and creating personalities who "demand". "We have then screened these possible traits against those that actually have some kind of predictable values." For these characteristics we then dismantle, plot and measure them.

Archer and jockeys say after eight years of test that their car has a 80 percent passability. "There' are certain things a good writer does by instinct that would be very difficult to do mechanically," says Mr. Jocke.

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