How to Write a new Book

Writing a new book

paint-by-numbers system for writing the book of your dreams - FAST! If this article is older, make sure you read this new article about a newer press campaign. Sounds like a lot of books, but what does that mean? The easiest way to write a book trilogy is to understand structure and serial writing. And not only that, they also told me that I should blog most of my next book, The Author Training Manual.

Reasons why folks are enthusiastic about the two new Harry Potter novels

Rowling has expressly declared that she is unlikely to be writing another Harry Potter work. Since the release of her 7th Hogwarts novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007, Rowling's stance has been clear: "I've always said: Never say never, but no". She' s taken a trip back into Potter' s realm by other means, for example last year' s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was taken up with the 1930s characters, and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them deductible, which will tell the tale of the magic wonders of the pre-birth years.

But more Harry Potter novels? Bloomsbury, Rowling's editor, and Pottermore, the on-line home page with new Harry Potter fonts snipets, some of which are by the writer, will publish two more later this year: This is Harry Potter: It' a story of magic and Harry Potter: Journey through the story of magic.

This is the big show that opens at the British Library in October and is celebrating 20 years after the publication of her first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Like a June British Library explanation: This is Harry Potter: This is the show's offical work.

It examines the astonishing artifacts, scripts, originals and curatorial insight that form the spine of the work. This is Harry Potter: They will both "explore the topics of Hogwarts' study", but there will be no new stories about Harry, Ron or Hermione, and no new footage of Rowling himself.

Whilst some are pleased with the prospects for "new Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling", others are exhausted by the yearly publication of Potter-based footage from the author's stock. Some of them have an opinion somewhere in the middle: fascinated by the new releases, although they know that Rowling had little to do with them.

They will be released by Bloomsbury on October 20 when the show opens. This is Harry Potter: Journey Through a history of magic, where magics and myths began with an exhibit of "magic textbooks, scripts and objects" alongside "previously unknown Bloomsbury archives and JK Rowling".

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