How to Write a new Book

Writing a new book

paint-by-numbers system for writing the book of your dreams - FAST! If this article is older, make sure you read this new article about a newer press campaign. Sounds like a lot of books, but what does that mean? The easiest way to write a book trilogy is to understand structure and serial writing. And not only that, they also told me that I should blog most of my next book, The Author Training Manual.

Writing and marketing your book range

It is no mystery that authoring your book serials is an efficient way to build a readership. That doesn't mean that stand-alone textbooks don't work - but you make your own lives a whole hell of a whole new world if you have more than one book in the same cosmos with the same people.

It' s quite easy theories - if a readers loves a single textbook, he'll love all the other one. You' re more likely to buy them with less fuss ("Hey, you already love my first volume - the next six are exactly the same one! He works for the library.

You give the reader (customer) what they want and what they want - then you do it over and over again - and good things come to pass. If you decide to work on a show, how do you keep things freshen? While ensuring that each of your stories can be on its own, with a definite beginning, center and end, how do you design a sheet of stories that includes more than one work?

What about developing characters with one and then several different textbooks? What can you do to ensure that persons in the third volume and beyond are not disturbed by what has taken place in them? What is the best way to start a show? But how do you label them so that the reader knows that your work is part of the same collection that they have already enjoyed?

He made the (unusual) choice to compose, release and release a triology of textbooks at once. He had a good start (over 13,000 downloads and nearly 800 units sold), and his purchases quickly moved to around $400 a months later. WHEN YOU CAN RELEASE THREE?

I started a trialogy of novels on the same date in July 2017 - the Morning, Noon, and Night Trialogy of my Crampton of the Chronicle show. Wrote and released three volumes at the same one. It was more than threeimportant to start three volumes at once than it was to start one in one.

Prior to the start of the Trilogie, my Crampton of the Chronicle criminality myony series ( "see here") only had a small website. I had two full-length books and a free story guide that linked to a "magnetic book" on the Crampton website to tempt the reader to sign up to my e-mailinglist.

So myorning, Noon & Night Trilogie immediately extended the Crampton Universum from four to seven volumes. The Big Bang theory at work in the realm of literature. Prior to the start I had thought that self-publishing purchased (and not free) textbooks could be a risky business. Both my and a third novel (which was released in November) as well as 21 former non-fiction titles were all available at Pukka Verlag.

During the first two wards, the new Trilogie sells more than the youngest Pukka novel in a year. After that, however, another trialogy is definitely on the itinerary. I' m going to study the first trialogy this year to make it even more succesful. First, good trilogies come in a threesome.

One needs an ideeas, which is of course divided into three separate book. We' re writing to make a living. I have been a novelist and jounalist all my career. So, the trialogy that I wanted was one where creativity could sit side by side with business opportunity. The Chronicle range of my Crampton plays in the 60s in Brighton, England - the Swinging Sixties.

So far, all of our accounts have been based in the UK. So, I was thinking of putting up one of the three in Brighton Beach, New York. I' presented the concept in my weekly newsletters and asked my readership to decide whether they wanted a copy in America. I' m planning my novels one by one before I begin to write them.

That was the first book I had ever conceived of three at a while. So I had to find a way to organize the book in such a way that the reader finds each book satisfactory, but wants to study all three at the same one. First, it included all three volumes and guided the main enigma through its various phases.

However, each of them needed its own set of stories to begin and end in a way that satisfied the reader. So, since these are generally homicides, I have made sure that a homicide takes place and is cleared up in each of the accounts. The motif for the killings - and how they are connected - is revealed at the end of each of them.

Outcome: All strings are pulled together at the end of the third album. After writing the three volumes, I sent the design to my small group of advance teams in the UK, the United States and Canada. There were a few little reviews I made, but all in all they gave the textbooks a good Thumb up.

A or two cautioned that some people would be annoyed that not every thread of the trialogy was packed in the first and second series. In overcoming the problems of those who came to the trialogy in the two or three volumes, I woven into the early storyline of the following volume core storyline the storyline and character of the one before.

I' ve also written a brief "Introduction by the Author" at the beginning of the first volume, which explains how the triology works. I have added a memo at the beginning of the two and three volumes that encourages the reader to order the text. Though one or two people complained about not having everything in one single textbook, the show was well accepted.

To day, product one has 43 appraisal that average 4. 2 on and 56 that average 4. 3 on Grades for the two and three are even higher. So, the first lecture is that more than just authoring three novels is to write a trialogy. It' s about designing and composing three very closely related works that the reader wants to see all of them.

However, the second one is that nobody will buy and study the book if they don't know it. When they know about them, one of the first things the reader checks is what they get for their moneys. But I wanted the reader to have the feeling that they would get a rewarding reading.

For example, the author's introductory remarks indicated that the trialogy would give them at least nine consecutive hour's worth of pleasure if they could enjoy it at an averagespeed. It is 102,000 words long. At Amazon e-book concepts translated into three volumes of 158, 160 and 179 pages each. In view of the fact that e-books are getting ever short, I think that the reader pays attention to page length information when making a purchase decision.

It felt like a 150-page plus readership would be credible. We had to find three songs for the trio that were logical, but also generate a certain dynamic. That' s what we named the volumes murders in the morning edition, murders in the afternoon extra and murders in the night final.

Cover art is shown as "thumbnails" most of the times on Amazon and other pages of the album. We' ve chosen a cover that shows the name of the cover in bright orange above and with a plain picture reminiscent of the mornings, afternoons or nights. It was our intention to make it as straightforward as possible for the public to study the first volume and choose whether to move on to the second and third volumes.

That is why we have chosen to make the publication "permafree" by comparing prices. We' added the first section of volume two as a bonuses section at the end of volume one. {\And the first section of the third at the end of the second). They should be in Amazon's "read inside" features anyway - but it made it easy for them to buy the next series.

Two and three of our accounts were valued at $2.99 on and £1.99 on That seemed to be the fair value for cosy enigmatic novels of about the same length. We' ve put a great deal of effort into the descriptive work on Amazon. Our aim was for the reader to be able to capture the taste of the textbooks without getting into an overkill.

It was the goal to give the reader the feeling that they would deal with the heroes in his adventures with him. We' ve used Amazon's serial market function so people could buy all three with one click. It was quite easy to implement the production function - and it has proven itself in our distribution department.

Implementation strategies were moderate (I think we were both tired when we got there). We' ve sent a couple of e-mails to the Crampton of the Chronicle Readers' Group. So I postponed the show to my Facebook and Twitter pages and approached a number of blogs that used it.

We plan to set up our own email based market research platform, which will allow us to reach blogs, critics, papers and other important groups. In the long run, the goal of commercialization was to maintain the sale of books over a longer period of the year. For this purpose, we have two "streams" that freshen up the sale of books. It is in the Top 100 of Kindle's free cozy homicidal puzzles in the UK since its launch - in the Top 20 for most of the while.

Secondly, the authors are receiving a set of autoresponder emails in the first months after signing up to the Chronicle Readers' Group's Crampton. Every email offers a new preview of the trialogy with a click-through purchase URL. Originally started in mid-July, the trialogy produced 762 volumes of the two and three volumes.

In the same period, 13,889 specimens of the first volume were download. In a constant monthly sale sample of around 200 units (around $400 royalties), the trialogy prevailed six million now. Free-of-charge updates of volume one are floating around 1,000 per calendar year. I plan to use the next trialogy to start a new show.

Each of the ledgers will maintain a powerful connection between the same people and places, but will be built on independent story. Are the trilogies a good way? He' s done most things in the journalistic world, from the step for quotations to serious editorial. Peter's latest Novella, The Morning, Noon and Night Omnibus trilogies are now available - free of charge with the first album.

At the beginning of his trio, I like Peter to take a rationally organized view. It is all too usual for writers to get too involved with "marketing material" during a release and get involved with policies and policies that don't work. Peter has got off to a good start with a minimum budgets (and zero advertising expenditures) and now brings a massive monthly return from his back list.

If you have any question or would like to give us your own starting experience, please write us a review - we will review each one and answer as soon as we can. How did you experience the presentation of the novel? So what did you do to "bring out" your work?

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