How to Write a Letter to a Book Publisher

What is the best way to write a letter to a book publisher?

Please address your cover letter by name. Do not use clich├ęs such as "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen" or "Whom to turn to". Utilize more formal language throughout the letter. To have a logical and readable structure. Acknowledge the editor for his time.

Finding the right publisher for your script

Irrespective of how good your summary and example chapter are, if this important paper does not appeal to an editorial or salesperson, your contribution will be overruled. So if your book is a non-fiction booklet to grow your own vegetable, you need to find a publisher who will produce non-fiction for horticulture.

Forwarding to a publisher specialising in novelism leads to immediate refusal. It' also important that you review and strictly adhere to your filing policies. "Belletristicians can expand this to two or three sentences. This is one she was writing for her own book:

Journey of the writer: - how do you see the book in relation to the free trade, i.e. who for, is it first in a row etc.?

Can I write a letter to a publisher?

I' d like to have my novel published in[your house], because the theme of my novel, that is[your theme], is the perfect complement to your publisher's programme with this writer and this writer and his X and Y books]. Carefully research the publisher to whom you are submitting your paper.

Don't write "your house" or "your publisher's programme", but the name of the publisher and the name or descriptive text (other authors) in which your books fit. In contrast to common opinion, we want our unasked questions to be succinct, well-written and checked and contain as few gadgets as possible.

Who are you (past credentials or prominent position is useful but not obligatory), what your work is ( "a comprehensive sales is good"), and if you have already filed this work with the whole group. No hand-written requests with coffeepots.

and we don't want our name to be spelled wrong. Well, we don't like a whole bunch of typo's in general. While we don't like general "Dear Agent" mail, we don't like excessively friendly greetings either. Photos generally don't help - unless you're George Clooney. Don't try to persuade us that you wrote the next GONE WITH THE WEIND.... we've overheard it.

Attach a covering letter, a sketch or a short summary of the work (if possible with text count), a specimen section and a franked, self-addressed address for our reply. Fill in all your letters and duplicate everything except the covering letter. Email requests are okay, but keep them short and make sure your covering letter is included in the email text.

If they contain a empty e-mail, we do not open any attachment. If there are questions to more than one of us, we will not consider them.

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