How to Write a Kindle Book Fast

The Kindle Book Fast

A writing process helps me to write high-quality books quickly. Number Two: Each book sells the next, so write your next book. Attention: Anyone who wants to publish a Kindle Book. It' the most popular platform for self-publishers. I' ve developed the tactics and strategies in this book to help myself.

This is how you start your first Kindle Book and make $1,000 in 30 jours.

So if you've ever thought about releasing a Kindle book, stop what you're doing and do this! So in December 2013 I went directly into the self-publishing business when I released my first book myself (which is now on Kindle). Obviously I didn't know enough about self-publication because I didn't even publish the book on Amazon.

Fast-forward to July 2014 when I began my Kindle self-publishing trip. I' ve released my first Kindle book in September 2014 and since then 5 more on Kindle and 5 on CreateSpace (paperbacks). Things I want to allot with you is the happening I've had with starting the product on Kindle at $0. 99 rather than people and point increase the cost, which is a head plan of action.

Days 1-3 of the start, share your book with free Facebook groups every night, tell your buddies and your loved ones and everyone else you know to get it! It is important to have a comparative analysis so that you know in your own head what your choice of book is.

The bottom is the first start I made after the free game. The first Kindle book was published in July by James Roper and Chandler Bolt, Self Publishing School. This book is entitled "No Gym Needed": Ranked 35th in the Top 100 Free Kindle Store, it was a bestseller in the two category (s) I had it in - Health & Fitness > Women's Health and Self-Help > Stressanagement.

When you can get a book to the Top 100 at the Free Kindle Store, it is a good sign for your book when it is sold on. To stop your promotion (manually) as soon as you are in the Top 100. Your book will move up and down for almost an hour during your free promotion.

Make as many screen shots as possible and watch your book until you see it move down. At the moment this book #11.075 is being filed throughout the entire pay childle store, which means that I make on a daily basis 1-10 purchases with on statistic.

You' ll note a pair of tips (red line), this is from placing the book on sale at $0. 99 and also being signed in the Brasilian store by Amazon. I get remunerated for this as long as 10% of the first part of the book is in use.

Noted value - I noted that a lot of those who purchased my book were more busy with the e-mails I sent after booking for Derrick' Freedom of Use. It is a business - I want to recover the cost of self-publishing a book as soon as possible.

If you don't have a listing at all and want to develop a following, the only times that's worth it would be a good one. It wouldn't be the choice I'd use for your next series. From $800 a months to $1,000+ a months, it drove me out of my Kindle work.

Only peculiarity is that I publish a book every months, which is helpful in the overall approach. When you start only one book, you may not get the same results. Recall, this is a shop for me, and it's about coincidence - Amazon has it's own algorithm and a part of that gives more "weight" to the authors who publish regularly.

Comes with a side hustle blueprint: I wanted to try a paying rollout how to make an additional $1000 in 30 working days without letting your daily job. Theseto include launching a book at $0. 99 for 3 week and then turning it back to permament free (where your book is listed as permanent free on Amazon) for 2 month then at full pr.

I have collected e-mails for my authors lists as part of my authors area. To do this, I place a hyperlink to my authors page ( on the front and back of each of my book. Persons visiting this page can sign up for my personal V.I.P.L. to receive alerts about new titles, rebates and promotional offers.

So, part of part 1 is to create an opt-in for your writers lists. It can be a free book, audiobook, etc. As soon as you have a writers directory, you can use it for your starts. There were 10 respondents to this e-mail who said they were pleased to be reading and reading the book.

As well as my writers mailing lists, I also approached my primary mailing lists on with the same offering on - an extended copy of my new book (free) in return for a feedback. That only worked because the Side Hustle Blueprint book was of value to this booklet.

When your book matches well with the schedules you have, then it makes good sense to get close to them. Like with the authors page, the request was to post a comment at a certain time. I' ve got guys doing this with my second remunerated start. But the point is that you need at least 10 responses to let Amazon know that your book is worth it and they like it.

Please send your book to KDP five day before the publication date and fix the date on your preferred rate. DON'T load up the book before. You' ll only be on the Hot New Releases mailing lists for the first 30 pages of your book - you want to make the most of those 30 years.

I' m usually quoting my accounts at $3.99 prize point. I have about 25,000 words in my book, which is about 100 pages on a Kindle. When your book is larger than that, you might consider a list at a higher cost. 3-4 workdays before your'hard' start date, let your book value fall to $0.99.

Send it to advertising websites that inform their listings that you are offering the book for purchase. Most of these websites provide a free submissionservice, but there are also paying payment methods. Ignite Google "promotion sites" and you will be presented with a number of merchandising features. I' ve posted my book at over 15 99 cents promotional site.

Therefore you want to keep your book at $0.99 for a period of 3 weeks. Anyone who has never even read Buck Books is not getting enough, both as an editor and as a read. As part of Pat Flynn's Facebook group, I came across Buck Books.

The Buck Books has an e-mail mailing address which she uses every day for 99 cents of books (hence "Buck Books") covering all genres, from non-fiction to literature. If you are an editor, you can have your book presented free of charge on one of these dates. You only have to make sure that your book is at $0.99 when the action is running.

You can (!) send in your book for free and you can do so by browsing this page: You can subscribe to the e-mail mailing lists here if you are a readership. You must schedule this promotion at least 7 working nights in advance. Do not forget to book in writing.

Buck Books' boys are great and will let you know if your suggested date is not feasible and give you other choices. Like I said above, you want to keep your book at $0. 99 for 3 wks. I' had a one time period of being autographed across the people subordination tract and point the Dollar product sponsored the close time period and point I also e-mailed my own position the interval time period informing them that the selling came to an end.

Tweet Your Books' is another advertising medium I like to use and I used it during my free introductory campaign. As soon as your book has sat at $0. 99 for 3 wks and it has been climbing the Kindle memory remunerated levels, it's case to raise the cost. $2. 99 for a whole weekend and then raised it to $3.99.

Alternatively, your book could have a higher cost. Regardless, you should always raise from $0.99 to $2.99 and then raise the prize further. This ensures that your book remains among the top 20 bestsellers in the category in which it is list. Ok, now that I've described the procedure, let's look at the results of this remunerated start and check them against the free start.

Throughout the 3 weeks it was at $0. 99 (including the Buck Books Promo) I got 1,510 sells, with a total margin of about $550 US dollars. He was ranked 594 in the Top 100 Paid Kindle Store and was a bestseller in the two category in which I had made him. - Business & Money > Finance and Education & Teaching > Adult & Continuing Education.

I not only sold more copies, but made over $1,000 in the next 30 working nights with my Side Hustle Blueprint book. The following 30 (December) are on the same path, only from a book! At the moment the Side Hustle Blueprint book is in 10,756th place in the Paid Kindle Store and 1st place in the Adult & Continuing Education group.

While I know it is a great deal of information to take, but I really anticipate that the take away is that you can make some serious cash from Kindle, and you can do it faster if you are on the payed instead of free. A self-proclaimed (or is that obsessed?!!) footwear freak who has found her passions in typing and indies.

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