How to Write a great novel

Writing a great novel

As one writes a large novel. There are six elements you need to master to write a publishable novel. Harry's website contains a lot of good information for fighting writers. There is a deep, convincing message in a great novel that simply must be heard and understood. And I think every writer wants to write great novels.

Writing a great novel

Nicholson Baker gets up most of the day at 4 a.m. to type at his house in South Berwick, Maine. He goes back to sleep after a few lessons of what he describes as a dream state and then gets up at 8:30 to do his work. Orhan Pamuk, the author and Nobel Prize winner from Turkey, often writes the first line of his books 50 or 100 rewritten.

"The most difficult thing is always the first movement - that's painful," says Mr. Pamuk, whose last month's edition of "The Museum of Innocence", a 1970s romance in Istanbul, was published. Strange rhetoric, dialogues and description that come to her are stapled to a 7-foot blackboard in her cuisine. They stay there until Mrs Mantel finds a place for them in her narration.

As the first part of his novel is narrated by himself, his vote is decisive, so he "speaks" to the narrator by covering some sections from different points of views. Prior to the design, he prepares memos and flowcharts that not only represent the story, but also more subtile elements of the story, such as a character's emotion or memory.

Writing the best novel in the whole wide web | B├╝cher

At first you have to believe that you are the best author in the whole wide globe..... Then defeat the green-eyed beast, jealousy of state. Twenty years ago, when I began my studies, I wanted to be awarded the best novel of any man. Or to put it another way, I wanted to compose the best novel a person has ever composed, and this fact should be noted.

However, given the sub-genre in which I work - literature criminality - and, we must admit, a shortage of the highest talents needed to be among the best, I am willing not to tolerate it. An inside man recently told me that the writer's great unexpressed bane is jealousy of rank, and many of us devote almost as much thought to ways of improving our reputation in the literature as we do in our work.

An author who has received an almost universally held critique for every novel is possessed by the need to be awarded the Man Booker Award because he is certain that he cannot be the author he wants to be - from a historical point of view. Another winner of the Man Booker should strive for the Nobel Peace Award with a serious and ironic approach that talks of pathetic ambitions, not arts.

Neighteousness does not allow for gratification. In judging Victor Hugo's merit, a modern reviewer remarked: "Our greatest author, unfortunately." I wonder what it felt like to be considered the greatest author of your time, but still a disillusion?

The jealous status is trans-temporal. Ian McEwan has recently been described on the Chesil Beach poster (for this year's Man Booker) as "the highest writer of his generation". Are the highest better than the greatest, or slightly inferior? I' ll wager Ian McEwan would have chosen to be described as "the greatest writer of all time".

However, what does all this have to do with what I usually blogs about - the experiences and the difficulty of composing a novel? I had a tantrum of self-confidence a fortnight ago, 40,000 words in my latest publication, and was momentarily excited by what I wrote, and even a little bloated when I was asked by some how it went.

At some point in the future, to be able to compose a novel, you have to believe you're the best author in the game. This is not and can never be the case for most authors (all writers?), yet I think there is something to it. I think it does not seem to me that Yanks suggest that we must believe that we will ever be winning the award for a person's best novel; rather, he registers that we must believe that the novel we are creating is that person's best novel at the given timeframe, and for that brief instant we could be forgave that we are the best author in the arsenal.

Only when we start to believe that it really could be real and the whole wide globe has to realize it, anger begins.

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