How to Write a good novel for Beginners

Writing a good novel for beginners

I' ve only just found out. So these are very personal tips. I know as an editor when I'm reading someone's first novel. I' ve got nicknames for the four mistakes beginners make: I' m not a good reader at all, but I want to start reading books.

Up to 10 tipps for beginners

It' really fun that my editor asked me to contribute to the Blogshap, to commemorate the publication of my second volume Under the Same Sun. Makes me soar like a professional, a writer's vet, if this is really only the second volume I have ever been to. However, it is also the second that a publishers has agreed to, and I think I already know a little.

There are ten things you should know before you choose to become a novelist. I' m not in favour of listening to a list or doing a book. This means, if you don't like it, you don't even get started for lessons at the typing machine, at the computer or whatever your media is. They must be willing and willing to devote countless lessons to letter, rewrite and write.

None of the works has ever been published over night. Oh, and while we're at it, get ready to do more than just type a number. Publishing houses want to create novelists, not individual works. That may seem trite, but it is indeed decisive and a hurdle for many people. You' ll have to choose to finish your novel at some point.

Now, your novel isn't done just because you have an ending. Once you have created a first design, it's just that: a design. The actual letter begins now. By that I mean: withdraw from your completed design, leave it sitting for a few short months and come back with a relaxed spirit and refreshed smile.

A passionate author. It' because you like it ( "Tip #1") and you have to like what you do. When you like it, when it is something you would choose for yourself, then others should like it when they do. When you' re a novelist, you always do.

I' m sure that this is the foundation of all this. When you can't watch the outside worid, you can't do it. How did you see an attitude, like the one you're trying to catch, that you want to use to open your novel? So when that time comes, when you choose to begin typing, don't think about posting, license controls, New York Times reviewing, or whether your novel is the best-seller list.

Believe me, it's a very, very long way. Just, you know, writing. would be the spy or editor you wanted to see all along. Speak confidently about your novel, and not like me, blush, blush, stuttering, "Oh, you know.... it's a kind of romance...".

I' m talking extensively and confidently about my textbooks - at least in my dream. Because otherwise it's an unbelievable waster. Before you start to write, what would you like to know?

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