How to Write a good novel

Writing a good novel

Do you suffer from self-doubt about whether you are good enough to write a novel? pathy for a character like, say, Defoe's Moll Flanders, or Dickens's. A structure is not a complete description of your book. There is nothing you have to explain in great detail. It is never a good idea to make writing the novel more complicated than it should be.

Writing an award-winning first novel " Nathan Filer

"a prizewinning first novel." Anyway, it seemed like a pretty easy to remember song and, well, I wrote an award-winning first novel. It is a great work full of valuable, hands-on information for the prospective writer and publishers as well. It' been good work, important work.

Trouble is, I wasn't good at it. Back home, hiding in a carton, the first 20 pages of a novel I've wanted to create for years, but where was the period? Notices I took during class hang on the walls above my desktop five years and a novel later.

To write a first novel requires far more than the words we put on the page. Here the keyword is "specific". It was a beginning, my pile of concealed pages, my hopes of one of these days becoming a novelist, but it was too mundane. I didn't mind that I often put my script aside for a whole six or six monthly period.

I' d have written it sometime. That'?s quite accurate. When my novel was growing, when I found the part of my main protagonist and knew with greater confidence how his history would develop, I made harder targets. I' m writing to an operative next weekend, etc. I had now been vaguely hoping to compose a novel and had been given up with the clear intention of writing this novel, of telling this particular one.

I' ve tried it a few occasions - I wanted to type 1,000 words a days. The only thing I had to do was hang out at my workstation. Plenty of work. It' worked for a while, but it can be tough and lonesome and discouraging to work on. I' d sent 30 pages to an operative.

Wonder if there is a living writer who hasn't failed in any way in his careers. I' d say if you get 30 refusals, there's a good shot your novel isn't good. It' not the same as when you' re no good. As much as we are included in our writings, we are never all of us.

Besides, you're not trying to be a novelist, right? You' re trying to compose this particular novel. It was not the first novel I had written that made my d├ębut - a novel that won me a great deal of recognition, acclaim and thought. It' only the first one to be released. It' good.

It'?s good. Well is not good. But, good is good. Well, good could be good enough. On the whole, it is a lonely one. You can be good, though. Your previous descriptions to capture the exact instant your personality recognizes the facts - that was damn good. It' written in every novel.

Suffering the fears of lettering may be your personal burdens, but it is also your singular prerogative to be the first in line to savor what you have made. The first novel is a great endeavor, we get to know ourselves as authors. So, I switched my focus and signed up for an MA in Arts and Crafts.

It depends on the concrete, attainable target. It was also useful to be remembered that my novel was not the only one that was being composed. It felt good. So, just keep in mind, this is above all your novel. When we are looking for a replacement at an agent, we can buy the Writers' & Artists' annual; we can be sure that we choose agencies who accept work in our category; we can study the submissions policy thoroughly and stick closely to it.

Don't think about starting an award-winning first novel. After five years of this wet and wet early morning, my first novel is on the shelf and has been well accepted (better than the speaking worm). It'?s a tough line to write and I often waver. When it comes to the subject of literature, I think it's always a work in process.

Recently, when I was asked to contribute to this yearbook, I was not at all sure how to do it or what I wanted to communicate. We wish you much luck with your novel.

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