How to Write a Fantasy novel Series

Writing a fantasy novel series

This is Karen Miller about writing your first fantasy novel: or about the leap of faith. Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy (Genre Writing Series). by. The world in which your story appears should have a number of causes and effects. You' re not writing a fantasy or science fiction or horror novel.

The Harry Potter series made publishing history and brought about a boom of fantasy.

Writing a series of fantasy novels: 9 easy to follow easy to follow pics.

Your figures are the basis of your novel. Begin by building your character and your opponent, then move on to side roles. Players will help create the storyline and style of your first game. Remember your plan. Not only will your first volume be marked by your action, but your whole series.

This summary defines your whole serial storyline. Can' you not reach your destination and your first volume ends with a cliphanger? When you have a fundamental concept for your property, proceed to the next stage. Make a sketch. If you think you don't need an outlines, but if your history doesn't make much point, it's probably because you didn't have an outlines.

Simply write a fundamental overview of all your chapter, but above all know that your history can go in a whole different way, and your overview is just something that will help you keep order. If you later become at a loss in the write cycle, simply go back and relate to your design.

Begin fighting one of the chief adversaries of all writers: the beginning. "Begin by immersing yourself in your property. You' re likely to come to a point where you will begin to question your actions. Now all you have to do is keep typing. Like mentioned in Stage 3, you can use your outlines when you begin to have doubts about yourself.

Also to strengthen your trust in your letter, go back and reading a part you have already wrote that you had thought was your best letter yet, and keep your trust in your letter. Once you have completed your first design, EDIT, EDIT, EDIT, EDIT! Be sure not to erase large parts of your letter at the same moment; simply correct the small mistakes you may have made.

That' s completely natural, and later you will have plenty of free space to remove these marks and increase your number of words in the next stage. It is the best way to analyse your letter even more thoroughly than during processing. However, this is usually the moment when you put the final polish on your novel and finish the novel you are going to present to a publishing house.

Publishers. For many authors, publication can be very daunting, but you can't give up after you' have completed your first novel! Be sure you are looking for a Publishers that specialises in fantasy or at least a publishers that has already released Fantasy. Doing so will help your textbook get more exposure.

Were you aware that J.K. Rowling was rejected by eleven publishers before she released her first Harry Potter work? Begin to write your next volume in the series!

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