How to Write a Ebook

Writing an Ebook

Making a writer. It' a lot of work. The simple part is writing. You' ve got an idea to spread. This is a message that deserves to be heard.

An indispensable guide to creating and dividing an eBook

What's the split? Write an eBook. Once you have received a communication, you must find a way to spread it. Cause I' m gonna tell you everything you need to know to write and split an ebook. I came across some important findings, which I will explain below.

Okay, without further fuss, here is what I have learnt about typing a brief eBook and share with the rest of the planet - and how to do the same, in nine steps: It was a term I liked and the concept of a brief paper with the intention of making a difference in the rest of the underworld.

I' ve unearthed an old article in which I wrote a brief call for activity named "The Writer's Manifesto" (as part of a longer play named writer's Don't Write to Get Published). On one occasion I asked the superblogger Leo Babauta if it was ethically justifiable to rededicate your blogs for an eBook, and he said it was, but he suggested to deepen the subject somehow.

I probably had almost 100 eBooks to download before I posted this, some of which I bought. Exactly none of them I had completely reread. But I knew that everyone was confused and inattentive to the web and that if I write something for a long time it is unlikely that anyone would end what I write.

I kept it brief (900 words) and divided it into small, legible "pages" of no more than three to four rows per page. As I recall, Michael Hyatt said he used Keynote (a Mac slide show application) to reformat his eBook, so I opened it and started to edit and reformat it.

I' ve post a free copy of my eBook to anyone who wanted to help me work it. More than 15 persons answered. Most of the participants I sent the eBook and gave them directions for what I was looking for. You basically said my manifesto was flawless, which is not so.

Reading all the feedbacks, taking memos from the memos they gave me, and saving everything in a file by e-mail. Then I began to reread and edit the manifest as I left. And I didn't look back at other people's memos; I was just referring to the easy, brief memos I had taken from what everyone had divided.

The next week-end I sent it to a bunch of my acquaintances and influences who were involved in the local community press. So when they told me to release the eBook immediately, I knew it was done (despite my anxieties and the wish to improve further). So I asked those who had been reading it to think about it, to tell other peoples, and they were eager to agree.

I' ve made the eBook available to everyone who has registered for my email newsletters. I' d get a message in my mailbox every single times someone downloads it because they had to subscribe to mymailinglist. It was the purpose of this exercise to create my own lists and to enlarge my diary reader base so that I could keep in touch with the manifest reader.

So I immediately sent an email to everyone who had seen it before it was published and encourage them to split it when it arrived. For the eBook I created a blogs posting as a tee for the eBook and also used it as a Landing Page, with suggestions on how to use it.

I have added a link to Twitter, Facebook and my own blogs in the actual textbook that encourages users to join on a Facebook page I have created and use a hash tag on Twitter to tell how the manifest has affected them. Also, I went on to mail the eBook to some other buddies, blogger, etc..

and asked them to reread it and split it if they liked it. It was shared on Twitter, emailed to their Facebook buddies and shared on Facebook. Still, I sent some private memos with the PDF to some of my buddies, but at that time it was just the topping.

Now the fellowship shared it. So when more poeple were datum it, I asked any to aid it and umpteen did it. On the first of the release, over 500 users download my brief eBook The Writer's Manifesto. I' ve got e-mails from authors, artisans, youth ministers, blogs, musicians and creative minds who have been touched in any way.

Since then, it has been widely shared by millions of readers and words. Describe a convincing concept in a brief form. Empower the humans to part it. Everyone would profit from creating a manifold and exchanging it with the rest of the planet. What would you / have you shared it?

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