How to Write a Chapter Proposal

Writing a chapter suggestion

AN EXAMPLE OF A CHAPTER PROPOSAL SCHEME. Section Proposal for digital rhetoric and global literature: This is a guide for authors working with the. First-year National Resource Centre. Change in experience & students.

Calling up samples for chapter suggestions

The different layers of the information and knowledgebased societies, and in particular the networking economies, have recognised the importance of the importance of the roll of confidence. It is therefore important to recognise how confidence manifests itself and how it can be promoted at different organisational level. The confidence associated with the interaction of people and technologies is of central importance.

Enhances the capacity to handle and administer information and knowledge-based business practices to generate new insights to enhance business strategy and organisational efficiency. The areas of information sciences, information system, know-how managment, etc. Aimed at experts who wish to better understand the key roles of confidence at different stages of the information and information technology community, i.e. confidence at the world economic and network and organisational scales, team and working groups, information system and, lastly, confidence at the individual as an actor in a network environment.

It will be aimed at experts and scientists working in the area of information and information technologies in various fields such as libraries, information and communications studies, public administration and business administration, educational, adult learning, social studies, computer and information tech. It also provides insight and assistance to managers managing skills, information, knowledge and organisational change in different kinds of work groups and workspaces.

Scientists and practitioners are welcome to send in a chapter proposal of 1,000 to 2,000 words by 30 January 2014, clearly setting out the purpose and issues of the chapter suggested. Writers will be informed of the progress of their suggestions by 15 February 2014 and will receive the chapter directives.

Each chapter will be examined using the double-blind method. Please note: There are no royalties for scripts filed with this edition of Trust in Knowledge Management and Systems in Organizations. Suggestions should be sent to the eEditorial Discovery®TM Proposal Manger.

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