How to Write a Career Profile

Where can I write a career profile?

In order to attract the attention of HR managers, candidates often use a career profile in their CV. A career profile, also known as a professional profile or simply a "profile", summarizes your work, education and other relevant experiences. Describe a career profile & examples? In order to attract the interest of HR professionals, recruiters often use a career profile in their CV. A career profile, also known as a job profile or just a "profile", summarises your work, training and other pertinent experience.

When you explain who you are and what you have done for your employer, your career profile will help you to become a high performer that adds value.

An MBA with 15 years of selling business-to-business solutions to Fortune 500 organizations. A seasoned distributor with a demonstrated record of turnover turnaround for ageing populations, shortening selling cycles and increasing turnover by an annual mean of 35 per cent. 135% increase in area revenue through the introduction of a new selling method that shortens the selling lifecycle by 97 calendar calendar days and increases the leads transformation ratio by 28%.

A relative of the person who wrote a resume:

Create a personal profile for your CV - Career advice

Which is a'Personal Profile'? This profile is the writing counterpart to an "elevator pitch" intended to quickly arouse the employer's interest in reading your CV in full and hopefully inviting you to an appraisal meeting with regard to the skills, experiences and knowledge that will be of relevance to the position you are applying for. You can also use your profile in on-line networks such as LinkedIn and help you create your cover letter and your own opinion on your application form.

This profile is particularly important when an employer has to deal with a large number of job offers and relies exclusively on a CV. In fact, some organizations use keywords to help them find CV database applicants. However, if you publish your resume on-line or send it to an employer through a recruiter, you cannot cut it to fit the needs of a particular employer.

It is best in this case to adapt them to the kind of roles and organization you are seeking. You should have a maximum profile of 100 words, starting with a keyword that summarizes your most important experiences and your career itinerary. The profile of our research manager could be:

When creating your profile, you should focus on what you have to offer and in which course your career should develop.

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