How to Write a Captivating Story

Making a captivating story

There is a natural dynamic to a story. Their Fiction and Captivating Readers is a treasure trove of well-founded stories. Classes, workshops & online courses to help you write compelling stories. So who is the target group for your novel or short story? It is better to write with a specific type of reader.

Three unmissable storytelling tips to keep your reader captivated

"My friend's children asked me many years ago. You wanted lively and imaginative music. You wanted to see, listen, scent and sense the history. I was a paper reporter who wrote my own stories in bold newscasts. I' ve been asked every saturday to write a new storyline, fierce character and unbelievable storylines.

We made our storyline interactivity and the children were helping to identify the roles and happenings. Whilst narrative speech enhanced my presentational skills, my new fantasy also influenced my way of writing: I' ve added more actions. LaCroix Darren, the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, says we use tales to make our point of view (or our lessons) more worthy of remembering.

Humans are learning from histories that are more mighty than stats, charts or graphics. If your story shows what you have lived, learnt or accomplished, the readers can find the point / unit for themselves. Share your experience allows the readers to contact you and make their own judgement or well-founded decisions about a topic or concept.

Have your stories tell the tale. As a rule, the readers can find out for themselves. Readers' involvement. If you tell a tale in narration form, the readers are not involved. You want to see what is happening, listen to the dialog and experience the emotion. Actively speaking voices convey a strong feeling for acting and are a more straightforward way of telling stories.

It' helping to keep the rush on. To describe your feelings. The description of acts and feelings allows the readers to live them. Addressing their minds, you involve the readers in the narrative and take them on a trip that will entertain, educate, motivate or inspire them. What are your favourite tales? Do you have any other advice for telling your own tale?

Kotrotsios is a novelist and reporter living in Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia.

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