How to Write a Book that Sells

So how do you write a book that sells?

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I' m going to do that for many different styles.

I' m talking a great deal about publishing to the media - AKA writes pop genre literature to maximise profits - but since it seems to writers who call themselves "real authors" to be both outlandish and hateful, I thought I would divide my work. It' truely a fact that there are many other on-line marketing people who write crappy accounts to make a living with favourite key words and use all kinds of stunts to make a fortune on the Amazon space.

But I don't necessarily think they are the devil spavns most writers consider them to be (I think group who can make medium of exchange on-line have some decent ability), but this kind of thing is medium of exchange: You're not going to build an gathering of fan who like your oeuvre, which means repeat short-term win you have to keep with new acquirers.

I try to generate revenue from my work, which means that my book must be good enough to be valued by true audiences; deserve many good critiques; and stay in the ranks to sell and make a living for years without advertising. But it is simpler to make a living with the book in pop music.

I' m a writer in a certain way, in a certain way. That' s what I like and I like to work on the challenges of making a good history. Nevertheless, it is quite simple to create "fiction" for any kind of music. I don't see much difference in my typing. The only thing that changes is the attitude and the backdrop.

As I feel more at ease when I write young adults, I will probably continue to write YA, but in every gender writers who say they "hate" typing in other styles as if it were a scarce kind of torturing that drains their souls and passions; that it is like work or a job.

I would say that if you only have fun typing, if you just type what you're interested in, you're not typing characters or storylines, but you're typing a strange mixture and strangely obsessive about your selected one. I' m not saying you should postpone the ONE kind you hates because it's dumb, but there are many kinds you can choose from, and if you want to be able to buy and distribute your own titles, it will help to move the title you want to postpone to more people.

However, here is an example of how this works, for those who are interested. To start with a front page instead of a storyline is a big move towards sucess. Is that WTF, I ask? Genre bending + niche market approach" offers you perfect possibilities where there is more than just the offer.

These" sub-sub-markets" are places where you can release a novel and quickly get to the top, because most writers get there only by chance and very few writers intentionally target such belletristic niche (seriously, like hardly anyone). That' s why it was so simple for me to make my literature profitable, because few people treat their writings like a shop, shoot for certain classes and dominate there.

I' m going to be dominating this category (or at least getting some of the action). I' m not going to write crap to mislead people who are looking for a good book, but I will try to get in touch with people who are looking for (and willing to buy ) a certain kind of literacy skills.

I' m going to do that for many different styles. As I think that many writers stay in one core category, it makes it really hard for them to distinguish themselves and get through to other people. But that' s why I like YA, it's not really a single category, more an older group, so I can make YA cowboy/YA scifi/YA-thrillillers, and make the same kind of rewarding YA-lovers' enjoyment, but also publish the same kind of rewarding book in all the important categories.

Countrycowboy is not my style at all, probably the farthest away I could get. However, the album' s front page is kick-ass, and I liked the YA textbook Work the Earth, which was written during the game. It would be great to make a paranormal/imaginative YA textbook in the Old World.

I' m probably not good at thriller writer work either, at least I haven't had any previous experiences, but I love this nice artwork I made and I can't wait for it. If I do, I'll probably see what sells and use this expertise to design the kind of history that will be.

It' really difficult to break up with a fiery store + a great front page + a good storyline. I' ve got tens of these, and it'll take me a while to get them all written, but I'll see my Kindle income rise further until I lead a full-time life. A number of writers are refusing to work for the paper because they are afraid of "getting paid" or "feeling like a job" for their work.

They would rather just type what they want and have fun and devote 60% of their money to paying the bill. It is my favorite thing to work with. I' d like to awaken every single morning and have nothing else to do but work on the history I am in. I' m not here yet, but I' ll be there in a year or two.... and that won't be a coincidence.

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